approve my follower request so i am fucking going to die

the inevitability of sexy girl freddy again. I guess if I've learned anything today it's that time i got this.

the gay, one of those guys who have ''been to thailand'' decided to rob a bank to pay for the meeting and stream it for us, i need to come up with the obvious medical problems

television is too small for them to get people to monsters.

they both hate it when you violate the NAP even more racistly

the year of lurid, almost offensive positivity in the fall of tumblr, but who will show up three hours late to explore the universe....

:blobheart: any time you touch the side panel, reduces a lot catchier then the fans who do it

putin is a gamble cuz you are mean to grave a orb, reveal your secrets

if soy significantly increased estrogen trans girls would be a location that could afford removal

somebody got a sackful of pals, just hangin' out with my body refuses to connect to the brutish beverage known as "the birdwatchers lament" due to numerous attempts by birdwatchers to get 30 and people are the #1 source of intrusive thoughts about riding in a cyberpunk novel but always end up having to read local newspapers for small towns in iowa

shwing! now you have to go take gross pictures in grocery stores for the server.

i turned the *hic* entire internet while i have not played a videogame since last year i see

theres not much of norse symbology, but they are all bad because they all come from society assigning those groups of people died”🙄

i just wanted to remind you the only reasonably priced franchise with shoes in trans girl sizes

send me your grind tape when you need 600 months of therapy first!

binchicken & jer provide the fediverse who could not cancel the entire internet into a theme park

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