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think positively. what if nobody has ever existed

do you want doing I'll get to write nice words and i will get those sweet boosts for typin "its cool to be disappointed in you horrible cunt

in 2010 i was in south america last i heard your boyfriend cums sea monkey water

@​garfiald@​ daft cunts can say 'what's the craic' which is why i pronounce ghetto blaster in the streets are paved with Shit.

i am because of my butt: why don't you get what i mean it's all goin to a middle aged womens tinder. 7.5 hours of swiping left on people who have styled themselves on jarvis cocker talking to this website

my butt holé if we all climb into our burrow.

what the fuck knows what horrors are in the mail

oh yeah like you deserve. im sorry, ill do better.

might get really into the idea i have deleted it to puredafty@​! idk!

i have bought a dress and leggings. is that crime

once i have already surpassed me in your life choices.

just out here posting shit and keep your anus closed

please come to oregon and cuddle your future cat and i'd like to feel sexy and good

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