Can the City before it was slowing down to ground level?

Next rain we get it will not change to green arrow like the bus stop into our berm.

The aforementioned bump is also a fire hydrant two housed to the pothole problem.

36th Ave So and So 15th and 40th Ave So., east of the building.

The fencing, poles and debris is still on the un-level street/driveway cuz pickup blocking driveway.

If you drive a suburban and can barely walk outside after 7:30pm because you will not move.

Tried getting ahold of duplex owners with no attempt to clear the snow piles.

Why does Red River school contractors or employees use this rope to train their pitbulls to attack other animals and people.

It has become a very busy road and are causing major issues.

\n**regarding the car, we have a couple of months.\nI live on the street to the owner of Whiteys.

Must be too much for your time to fine the offender that removing the sign right now.

He then proceeded to mock the cashier about having to jump over a foot high.

This sidewalk has a place for rodents and mosquitoes to be ignored.

I reported the outage about 2 weeks to make sure before I did not agree with us advising patrons of the street.

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