⁉️ General concern at 2117 11th Ave N (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Tree in the berm has a visible crack down the trunk. In the wind I can see the crack move, and can hear it creek from inside the house. Itost a large branch this spring and I worry it may split.

🚲 Trail/Bikeway Issue at 5025 W Elm Ct (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): sidewalk on South end of Jaycee park. severe trip and bike hazard

🚲 Trail/Bikeway Issue at 5201–5223 Belmont Rd (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Found a CVB sign from rolling on the red in the drainage tunnel. I placed it against the fence near Belmont

⁉️ General concern at 925 N 4th St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Curb replacement? What’s taking so long to replace the curb after the water main break last winter?

🚜 Long Grass at 4700 Demers Avenue (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Tall grass/weeds from Columbia overpass to Washington Street and from DeMers overpass to downtown - areas are along railroad as well as near fenced areas - complainant did not give specific blocks

🚲 Trail/Bikeway Issue at Core Technology Services (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): University is open, but the defined bike lane at the intersection that leads into shadows was erased

☣️ Accumulation of junk, trash, or rubbish at 514 Chestnut Street (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The grasss is very long in the front but much worse in the back yard. In additional to the long grass the house appears to have been emptied and all of the contents of the home is in the backyard deck and the yard itself. She commented that she believed the people who lived there were incarcerated.

⁉️ General concern at 523 N Washington St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): No safe crosswalks, Winship, Valley middle have open intersections along 5th ave , 6th and 7th ave N. Please add stop, yield and safety crossings also N wash and these aves.

⁉️ General concern at 1220 55th Avenue South (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): A caller just called in with a concern about the speed of traffic on S. Washington St. by the water line construction near 55th Ave. S.

💡 Streetlight Out at 2518 Olson Drive (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The street light is out in front of the house at this address.

⁉️ General concern at 5690 W Prairiewood Dr (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Description
Who is supposed to care for the berm/median area when entering into Prairiewood Development? It looks awful and unkept. There is a ton of weeds growing in the rocks, weeds and grass and unkept foliage.

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pmeyersVerified Official 10 days ago
This area is the neighbor's responsibility to take care of. However, there is no violation of city code h...

⛏ Pothole at 818 14th Ave S (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): its not really a pothole, its a hole into a sizable void under the concrete, southwest corner of intersection of 9th street and 14th ave.

🚜 Long Grass at 1700 Kings View Drive (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Tall weeds in the area of 2000 block of Kingsview Drive and behind this area in the Magnolia Street (? - not sure if it's street, drive or avenue) area

⛏ Pothole at NA (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The ally between Belmont and Chestnut St starting at Phoenix Elementary school to 8th Ave So

All the deep pot holes in this alley is making cars bottom out. it used to get graded regular but has not been done all summer and hope it could get done soon. REALLY bad.
Thank you, Mike Smith

⁉️ General concern at south 22nd street between 24th ave south and red river football field (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): People driving very very fast scary for my kids and pets please could we get police patrol and it’s going to get worse with red river school starting thank you

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