🚲 Trail/Bikeway Issue at 2212 Gateway Dr (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Thanks for answering my previous question about why the bike trail is closed at the Fair. Apparently they close it because they can. the bigger question is why does the Fair dislike bicycles? Please forward the question to Grand Forks County.

🚜 Long Grass at 615 41st Avenue South (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): between fences of 615 41st Ave S and 618 Great plains ct.

πŸ’‘ Streetlight Out at 1700 Demers Ave (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Street lights on the berm at 1700 & 1800 Demers Ave have been out for over a month. Called the City last week, left message for Rick, at the City Electrician's office. No return phone call.

⛏ Pothole at 819 S 46th St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): pot hole just South of the South Driveway of Retix. There are also two potholes by the Coca Cola Main Enterance & the North driveway.

🚜 Long Grass at 5410 West Lanark Drive (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Located in the Omega Circle and the house is abandoned.

The caller lives at 5491West Lanark Drive--and they are right next door to their home. She has a daycare and there have been multiple bugs and grass coming through the fence and has been an environmental health concern.

🚜 Long Grass at 2112 8th Ave N (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Grass is over 8”-10” long! Have not seen anybody at the house for 2 weeks! The owners of the Property are working on the garage, probably without a permit! We want something done! I have complained about this property in the past! Help please! Owned by Blue Star Investments.

πŸš— Junk vehicle on a private property at 2629 6th Ave N (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): the stuff around the outside of the house has to sit on a impervious surface. there is no impervious surface around the house except the driveway. this issue is not completed.

⁉️ General concern at 1122 South 9th Street (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Water Main broke back in March Berm and shoulder of road was left a mess. With aspault, grass, dirt and standing water.
see photo.

⁉️ General concern at 320 University Ave (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Sidewalk is out of compliance cracks and up to 3-4" vertical drops

🚲 Trail/Bikeway Issue at 2300 Gateway Dr (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The Fair has again blocked the bike path. This time, there's no traffic barricades, no official signage, and no detour signs. There's simply some cattle fencing strung across the middle of the path.

πŸš— Junk vehicle on a private property at 1440 South Washington Street (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Received a call in from the resident who lives across the street from Gallo Motors. Behind their business.

They commented that the wrecked vehicles have been there over a year and the large bus is also parked there and never worked on. They are tired of having to have this in their site every day.

β‰οΈπŸ…ΏοΈ General concern at 4700 Demers Avenue (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Sign down and thrown on sidewalk at Alerus Financial by the parking lot on the frontage road . Should be removed before grass is killed. This is located on Demers Avenue near Hamburger Heaven.

⁉️ General concern at NA (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Resident reported a large hole on South Washington & 47th Ave South in the ditch area. It is located on the westside of the road, on the corner near an electrical box. She has seen neighbor children playing in this area and wanted to report.

🚜 Long Grass at 5482 W Plum Dr (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Grass is 8-10” long. Has not been mowed since early May

⛏ Pothole at 1515 11th Ave N (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): is this frost blow out ever going to get fixed? it looks like they looked at 3 or so weeks ago and that's it.

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