☣️ Accumulation of junk, trash, or rubbish at 1822 5th Avenue North (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Junk, trash, & automobiles in backyard 'flowing' into complainants' yard. Owned by Derrick Fontaine.

💡 Streetlight Out at 924 North 39th Street (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): A streetlight was knocked over this winter by the Gallery Apartments. The pole was replaced without a light. It is very dark at night.

💡 Streetlight Out at 2650–2698 32nd Ave S (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Left turn light to go south onto Columbia, travelling west on 32nd. Stayed red at least 3 full signal cycles this morning

☣️ Accumulation of junk, trash, or rubbish at 424 8th Avenue South (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Large home that is abandoned. Multiple garbage in the yard, law unkept, windows broken and animals have been coming and going though the windows. There is a sign that Freedom mortgage is trying to sell it. This is a totally abandoned property.

⁉️ General concern at 3319 Primrose Court (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The streetlight pole at 3319 Primrose Ct is leaning.

💩🐶🍂 Dog manure at 3509 11th Ave N (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Trash, leaves, and dog poop. The hundreds of piles of poop are really starting to stink.

⁉️🐶 General concern at 3918 Dacotah View Ct (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Dog is always loose she walks the dog just carrying the leash and this is my 2nd complaint how can she be warned that there is a leash law dog runs up to people and is in other people yards very annoying

💡 Streetlight Out at 3174 36th Avenue South (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Streetlight at this address does not shut off during the day.

☣️ Accumulation of junk, trash, or rubbish at 627 North 4th Street (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): old siding and junk out for awhile

⁉️ General concern at 3300 Cherry St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): This is at Tufte Manor on the side of the building a blue PT cruiser non licensed again since 2017 a problem because it’s a law it’s not licensed nor insured not really fair to the people that have to get theirs licensed I thought it was the law

⁉️ General concern at 2299 S Washington St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): A couple weeks ago a car went over this fence barrier on South Washington near the WDAZ building. The fencing, poles and debris is still laying here. Wondering when this will be repaired? We witnessed a young boy walking through the underpass on his way to school one morning last week. He stopped, picked up one of the poles (quite heavy!) walked across the street, set it down, ...

💡🚶 Streetlight Out at 5473 W Lanark Dr (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): I would like to request a slow children / pedestrian crossing sign installed here. Also, the stop sign is way too far up in the air and it isn't seen. Can it be lowered and moved back so you are not stopping in the middle of a crosswalk? Doing this would make it just like the rest of the stop signs in the neighborhood.

❄️ Snow Removal On Sidewalks at 3325 Primrose Ct (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): This homeowner uses an ATV with a plow to push the snow from his drive way to the street. He has been doing this for this past winter. It makes this section of the road difficult and dangerous to traverse. I believe this behavior is not acceptable and I wish the city would communicate this to him. It may not occur to him that many of us are driving small vehicles or use other...

💡 Streetlight Out at 324 Kittson Ave (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The street lights out are on the 100 block of south 4th street and the also on the corner of Kittson Ave.

⁉️🅿️ General concern at 151 S 4th St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): sat and watched all the cars that are parking in the "2 hr." parking spots. 90% employees of the County Building. I've noticed it doesn't do any good to make comments as they send a person to put a warning ticket on cars and that is it. never a follow up. I guess it is more important to give tickets to residential than to city employees

⁉️🚶 General concern at 5473 W Lanark Dr (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): How does a citizen petition to have a slow children / pedestrian crossing sign installed here? Also, the stop sign is way too far up in the air that it isn't seen. Can it be lowered to be like other stop signs in the neighborhood?

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