💡 Streetlight Out at 13th Ave N & Stanford Rd (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): This street light has been out for about 5 weeks. I reported the outage about 2 weeks ago. Light is on the southwest corner of the intersection of 13th Avenue North and Stanford Road

❄️ Snow Removal On Sidewalks at Cherry St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): People aren’t shoveling there sidewalks along the east side of Cherry Street from 47th Avenue S to 55th Avenue S.

💡 Streetlight Out at 2010 32nd Ave S (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): the walk signal does not work. I was going West on 32nd on the north side of the street.

💡 Streetlight Out at 804 N 5th St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): the street light across from my house is still going out intermittently. I had order #4813443 the last time, this is a on going problem that I would like to see resolved

💩 Dog manure at 817 Duke Drive (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Dog Manure & Urine @ front door of apartment building.

⁉️ General concern at 1198 Oxbow Ct (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): There has been the smell of sewer gas in the neighborhood around the intersection of Gateway Drive and North Columbia Road for several weeks, if not months. The smell is so strong it gags you. On a windy day you can even smell it on UND campus.

⁉️🅿️ General concern at 401 Demers Ave (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The downtown parking ramp is being neglected. There is little to no parking enforcement happening as H.S. students are parking whereever they want and us that pay have to park in the nosebleeds. Some are screwing around during lunch times jumping into snowbanks. Some are smoking pot in the stairwells at all hours the school day. Some of this has been reported. Not seeing much for ...

💡 Streetlight Out at 3760 32nd Ave S (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): All street lights are out on the north side of 32nd between 34th and 38th St.

💡 Streetlight Out at 1731 S Washington St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): There is a street light out on the corners of S. Washington Street and 17th Avenue S. On the south east corner of the intersection.

❄️ Snow Removal On Sidewalks at 908 S 18th St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Please have someone check snow removal at 908 S 18th St. The sidewalk has never been cleared this winter. Thanks

❄️ Snow Removal On Sidewalks at 295 Elks Drive (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Snow has not been removed by the tennis courts

❄️ Snow Removal On Sidewalks at 1621 17th Ave S (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): sidewalk hasn't been cleared of snow and ice since last snowfall

❄️🅿️ Snow Removal On Sidewalks at 950 46th Ave S (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): The sidewalk along the East Icon Parking Lot, from 46th Street; North to Choice is covered with ice and snow. The sidewalks around Choice from the Splash Park to 40th are completely clear. Nothing has been cleaned along the Icon parking lot this winter. Is it the Icon's responsibility or the homeowners along Homestead Cir?

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