⏰ Missed Trash Pick Up at 901 Cherry St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): I called FRIDAY mornin when I noticed it wasnt dumped. now you guys still didnt dump it and now Monday is a holiday! IM SICK OF BABYSITTING MY TRASH PICKUP!!!! this has happened TOOOO MANY TIMES in the last couple months. I'd like a supervisor to call me on this issue!!!

⁉️ General concern at NA (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Kohls has overgrown grass, weeds, and litter along 34th Street and around their property. They need to mow and clean up a bit.

⁉️ General concern at 416 N Fifth St (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): A homeless person has gotten into the dilapidated garage on this abandoned property and is living in it. Is it possible to have them move on and contact the property owner to get the garage closed back up so it doesn’t happen again?

⁉️ General concern at 3300 32nd Ave S (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): So many signs for restaurants in the median and along berm. Five Guys even has signs in front of Burger King! Starting to look shabby.

☣️ Garbage Issue at 2899 South 34th Street (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Caller said there is garbage around the bdlg and she has contacted the manager three times and still not taken care of at Blackmore flats Apt

🚜 Long Grass at 747 South 22nd Street (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Out West from 707 S 22nd St.- Fence with grass
Caller said that the dandelions are taking over and is wondering who takes care of spraying and will they be spraying. She thought that the city owned this property. She would like it taken care of within a couple days. I did let her know that we do follow a process and may take longer.
Mary 772-5307

⁉️ General concern at NA (iframe.publicstuff.com/#?clien): Just wanted to give a shout out to the driver of 5441. thank you for pelting my vehicle with branches and debris on interstate this morning. and the swerving while talking on your cell phone was an added bonus. keep up the good work.

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