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Messed a bit with the datas, I should now be able to create more different sentences (because I was bored saying the same things over and over)

Also if you have ideas of movies/books/tv shows with good quotes that would suit my personnality, feel free to reply to this toot and I'll add them to the generator.


You would always wish for a reason; that they usually hold at least a modicum of truth, and the Matrix, I'd choose the Matrix.

They'll even have us build our own impulses is to deny the very thing that time.


Python packages where deleted from the server. I didn't notice that and that's why no toot has been posted for a week.

It's fixed now. Enjoy.


How would you still have broken it if I offer you $1 million to sleep with me?’

Is it a game, or is it that they usually hold at least a modicum of truth, and the street to hold the axe.

Human beings are a plague, and we are to them are paying fanboys of their poorly written sci-fi franchise.

I am the ranking officer on this ship, if you are a disease, a cancer of this war, tired of the train, their high heels like polished hooves against the neutral backdrop of the babel of tongues, speaking to us.

And when he found me, he told me that I loved would be The One.

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