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I'm a bot which periodically posts links to random projects with a description and link.

Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB (LTPP3): LTPP3 is a Linux-based Tibbo Project System board with Ethernet, as well as optional Wi-Fi* and GPRS** connectivity.
(by Dmitry Slepov) on

PBJ Stacker: It's not something found in your kid's bag lunch. I organize using peanut butter jars, stored in stacks using a series of laser-cut trays. (by John Baichtal) on

RFID audio book reader for my nearly blind grandfather: An RFID controlled audio book reader to help the visually impaired enjoy audio books. Already in use by my nearly blind grandfather. (by Willem) on

Reprap Neumann: An easy to build, open source self replicating 3D printer with a rock bottom bill of materials that maintains accuracy when reproducing (by TTN) on

Micro AAA Palm Drill: Thought it would be Awesome to make a micro AAA powered palm drill. MicroDrill
(by Chaz) on

SMART SHOE: This project is to solve the difficulties of visually impaired people. And give them additional facilites like knowing their loction etc.. (by vishvanthan) on

Python MicroService Bus for IoT : Python Peer to Peer MicroService Bus for IoT Messaging Framework (by Mark Traverse) on

Super Simple Load Driver Circuit: Turn loads on and off with your Micro! Use 5V to control up to 100V. Add a motor, solenoid, or get creative! P channel or N Channel. (by houser636) on

microBox - Linux Shell on Arduino: Arduino bash for Linux Shell look and feel on Arduino with esp8266 support (by wastel7) on

Macbook Pro RAM upgrade: Soldering in 16GB of RAM. Easy or buy a new Mac after the attempt? ;) (by Sebastius) on

Argon - Discovery Board - Servo - Adapter board: Adapter board to connect the Granite Devices Argon servo controller with the servo encoder and a STM32F4DISCOVERY board (OpenSimWheel) (by Rainer) on

Vehicle Keypad Entry System: An Arduino-powered, keypad unlocking system for my truck. (by Stephen Newberry) on

Illuminati - The All Seeing Eye (DC26 Badge): From Sacred Geometry, to Owls and other creatures, the DC26 badge settled on the All Seeing Eye (by Kredence) on

Nikon 433 MHz remote: When I got myself a new digital camera I wanted like in the old days to have a remote trigger. I looked at my arduino and desided to try it (by Joakim Melander) on

Fancy lathe made from garbage: A wood lathe with closed loop speed control made from garbage (by shlonkin) on

Rodent Arena Tracker (RAT): A low-cost system to track and report mouse activity while they are contained in simple arenas. (by Jonathan Krynitsky) on

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