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The power of the wind and rain is indeed frightening! Just look at the fallen vehicle and the electric tower!

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Digha right now heading towards bengal now..lets pray for all our safety

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Germany is opening a new coal power plant this summer. It’s run by Finnish state-owned Fortum.
Swedish state-owned Vattenfall is already operating new coal plants in Germany.
Everyone involved claims to be “climate leaders” but this is the opposite of leadership.
This is failure.

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The idea that the climate crisis will just be “solved” by so called green investments and stimulus plans is of course out of touch with reality.
We can not solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis.

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In early April, daily CO2 emissions temporarily fell 17%, to levels last seen in...2006.
This is not “good news”.
And it will basically have no effect on accumulative CO2 levels. But it really shows how much our emissions have increased the last decade..

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Extremely anomalous warmth expected near the Arctic Circle in Western Siberia in the coming days.

Temperatures can rise 25-30°C higher than normally at this time of the year.

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140 knots (160 mph) Tropical cyclone Amphan (Bay of Bengal) could become one of the most intense Category 5 on record in the North Indian Ocean! Major Indian city Kolkata is in its direct path. Major storm surge and destructive winds are expected!

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Super cyclones created in bay of bengal usually are common every 5 to 10 years.

But, last year cyclone 'Fani' was a very powerful storm,
and this year we got another in the name of 'Amphan', and guess what, it's worse.

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Trafalgar Square right now, there will be no vaccine for the we need to Act Now and heads up - we are failing and face losing all we cherish and love @XRebellionUK

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Persistent warmth continues - temperature anomalies projected in excess of 20°C over Siberia this week

[Map: ]

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On World Climate Protection Day we look back on our first with over 80 attendees and over 2000 live stream views
We've been noticed by several media outlets, read one such account of the strike here: 

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Youths across strike from home against deforestation.
Amidst lockdown deforestation proposals being approved.
2.7lakh trees in Valley&2.2lakh trees in to be cut(1/2)

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FridaysForFuture Pakistan and it's Activists took part in the Digital Strike Campaign this Friday.

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For thousands of years, peoples of the have shared their lands with the same old Olive trees that gave past generations growth, shade, fruits, and . Farmers here are already in .


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Week 56
Climate strike online
Citizens strike from home to Save forests amidst the Covid19 lockdown.
Ministry of environment has/ about to cleared huge deforestation proposed for several projects

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A liveable worldnow and a safe future!

This is not too much to ask for.

We can all be part of the solution.

Treegrowing and climate education has been my focus through @GGI_Kenya.

week 22! Stay safe. @fff_digital @350 @gretathunberg

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought us to a cross road & to take the decision that will make or mar the future of humanity on this planet. This is the time to create green spaces in building back better & stronger. pathway remains the greatest decision to take.

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Washington, DC - Climate Strike
@gretathunberg @Fridays4future @fff_digital @AlexandriaV2005

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