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Devastating to see the development taking place in the USA.
Centuries of structural and systematic racism and social injustice won’t go away by itself.
We need a global structural change.
The injustices must come to an end.

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This is a national shame for us Finns. At a time when the world should be shutting down coal plants our state-majority-owned company @Fortum is opening up a new coal plant ! This is a disgrace and a slap into the face of the youth who’ve been demandig climate action.

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"Albo podchodzimy poważnie do ustaleń Paris Agreement, albo jutro uruchamiamy nową elektrownię węglową” - @FridayForFuture DE obnaża zakłamanie niemieckiego rządu

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Do I deserve a healthy planet? Yes I do. Why are adults polluting it?
Strike until they listen.

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Super Schildermeer am Heldenplatz heute! sind kreativ wie eh und je, schön, euch wieder "live" zu sehen

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week 10 with Darel
We can’t go back and forth.
We demand climate action now.

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Knowing the truth about the is one thing but what really makes the difference is understanding the truth then standing up and doing something about it. Don't keep the truth to your self. @Fridays4future @gretathunberg

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Das Coronavirus ist nicht das Ende von !

Wir sind wieder auf der Straße und wir sind viele!

Nach einer Coronapause hat sich @hannover4future mit einer zurückgemeldet!

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Heute fand das österreichweite
Schildermeer statt

Auch in Salzburg waren
wir wieder richtig laut!

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Week 12 &

Our governments are using COVID-19 to distract people from the increase of deforestation & extraction of crude oil which will further add to the climate crisis.

We cannot let this happen!

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COVID-19 is a Global crisis so is Global Warming.Climate Action Must Be Taken
Save our planet

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His name was .

He should still be alive. George Floyd was murdered by the police. ⁣

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of this horrific police violence. Everyone needs to do their part to stand up against police brutality and anti-blackness and demand justice once and for all. ⁣

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In Sweden @FortumSverige is running a huge “green” campaign saying that “The future is already here”, and that they ”have decided to take care of the future”.

This takes to a whole new dimension.

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On Saturday @uniper_energy and Finnish state owned @Fortum will open a brand new coal power plant in Germany.
Those in power clearly lied when they said they cared about their children’s future.
If you needed proof that their words and promises were empty, this is it.

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Around 1.95 lakh people affected by floods in Assam. These are mainly due to deforestation in the Himalayan region in compromise with developmental activities, mining and our future. My thoughts and prayers and Solidarity with the people of Assam.

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We must not forget about Africa in our global climate justice !
Africa is highly vulnerable to environmental changes.
The impact of climate change is killing people and animals every day!

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