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Bristol Airport expansion has just been REFUSED by North Somerset councillors.
They voted 18:7 (1 abstained) essentially that economic gain does not outweigh catastrophic environmental impacts including climate change. A victory for climate justice over dinosaur economics!

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This is why we propose that state Govts should be abolished in #Australia. In Australia state govts are making decisions to build more #airports!

Our state govts do little of value today, they assert their importance by currying favour with glossy #architecturalFirms and a corrupt #construction cartel.

State govts will approve anything to spur #GDP #growth. Whereas local... (1/2)

(2/2) State govts will do anything to spur aggregate GDP growth, whereas #councils are closer to the people, and thus closer align to the people's needs.

By eliminating Australia's state govt and increasing the number of #localCouncillors, #democracy will markedly improve.

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