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Climate strike in Sydney, Australia
Week 39.

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In my hands a sheet:

"A world without crisis must be a world without oil."

Because in Norilsk, 20,000 tons of diesel fell into rivers and soil.

It kills the vegetation. It kills animals. It kills the climate.

@FFFRussia @fff_digital @Fridays4future

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Heute am streiken wir wieder für echten Klimaschutz. Die letzte Demo ist zwar erst 3 Tage her, aber Freitag ist Streiktag und die Regierungen haben es offensichtlich immer noch nicht verstanden. Wir streiken bis ihr handelt!

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La crisi climatica è la più grande minaccia per la Vita sulla
Noi per questo siamo ancora in piazza! Stavolta da

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[HK is not like Tiananmen Square – China is a superpower now and that is worrying]

China’s international clout has made nations reluctant to speak out as they did after the massacre in 1989 – but we need the international community to stand with HK…

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Nel frattempo, in quel di Forlì...

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Still waiting for the EU and individual democratic nations to officially condemn the police brutality and attacks on the free press escalating the USA.
For how long are we going to stand by, watch and say nothing?…

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Re: that awful video. Buffalo PD officially said that the man tripped & fell. If we didn’t have video there would have been no accountability. Why? Because one “bad apple” pushed him down but 20 “good apples” would have let him get away with it. It’s systemic.

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Amazing to see so many placing shoes for climate action in Copenhagen today. People demanding climate action are no longer invisible, we are very much still fighting for

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Digital week 11 as we celebrate the let's show some love to our planet by keeping it green. @gretathunberg

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En el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente necesitamos asegurar los Derechos Humanos
Ambientales y a quienes los defienden, @Hacienda_Mexico debe ratificar .

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WK 5. The pandemic should be a lesson to all. Let's be conscious of the and take . is Here. Act now.
recovery. @gretathunberg @the_ecofeminist @vanessa_vash

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"The Earth had its hottest May ever last month."
May in Europe was slightly colder (0,3°C) than 1981-2010 average (which was widely reported in media...) but globally it was the hottest May ever recorded, according to @CopernicusECMWF…

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Stop killing Black people.
Stop attacking peaceful protesters.
Stop enabling racism and white supremacy.
Stop arresting journalists.
Stop allowing police violence.
Just stop.

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The last 2 months the European Central Bank has injected 7,6 billion € into fossil fuels.
Allow me to doubt the seriousness of the EUs' so called "green" recovery plan...

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In this moment, we have a responsibility to deepen our understanding of anti-racism and hold ourselves accountable to it so we can be better allies to the Movement for Black Lives.
Here’s a list of resources to help us educate ourselves:

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418.32 ppm in Earth’s atmosphere on June 1 2020  HIGHEST-EVER DAILY AVERAGE CO2 LEVEL AT MAUNA LOA--IN MILLIONS OF YEARS  Up from 414.14 ppm 1 year ago  | Track  records at:  | data:

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418.32 ppm in Earth’s atmosphere on June 1 2020 🏆📈🏆 HIGHEST-EVER DAILY AVERAGE CO2 LEVEL AT MAUNA LOA--IN MILLIONS OF YEARS 🏆📈🏆 Up from 414.14 ppm 1 year ago  | Track CO2.Earth records at: | data:…

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