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I want to thank all the people who I’ve met I North America for their incredible hospitality. And thank you all for your amazing support!

(This wet plate photo was taken by Shane Balkowitsch on Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.)

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Greta Thunberg will sail to Spain, where she hopes to arrive in time for the next round of U.N.-sponsored climate talks

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'We must become warriors for the climate' - Jane Fonda accepts the Glamour's Woman of the Year Award on behalf of Greta Thunberg

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"We thank you for your thoughts and prayers Prime Minister, but we need action." School strike organiser Shiann speaks about losing her home to the fires.

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So happy to say I'll hopefully make it to COP25 in Madrid.
I’ve been offered a ride from Virginia on the 48ft catamaran La Vagabonde. Australians @Sailing_LaVaga ,Elayna Carausu & @_NikkiHenderson from England will take me across the Atlantic.
We sail for Europe tomorrow morning!

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"The numbers don’t lie, and the science is clear.
If anyone tells you, 'This is part of a normal cycle' or 'We’ve had fires like this before', smile politely and walk away, because they don’t know what they’re talking about."

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We are ignoring natural climate solutions.

Here is a short film with @GeorgeMonbiot and me, by Tom Mustill, about restoring and rewilding nature to help repair the broken climate.

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On 29th of November see you on streets.

Lovely kids behaving like adults.
@Fridays4FutureU @gretathunberg

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This is a Where will these people go?Is there a plan or as the cyclones hit they will figure out things? What about the tigers in Sundarbans?
We need a plan!

Bangladesh Evacuates 1.5 Million People As Cyclone Bulbul Crosses Bengal - NDTV

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On Monday my book “No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference” will be released in the United States. This is an updated edition with more speeches, which will be released in other countries and languages soon as well. And all my earnings will go to charity.

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Massive Oil Spill Turns Brazil's Beaches Black, Kills Marine Life, Threatens Communities

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Public service announcement:

Carbon offsetting doesn’t reduce emissions.

Projects often do real harm to communities.

We need rapid, radical emission reductions at source. No amount of carbon-shuffling will do the job.

(&@gretathunberg agrees.)

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My week 30! Joined by more friends!

Today was yet another scorching hot day in southern California. Despite a shower the other day, it really hasn't rained at all in nearly 6 full months.

It should be raining by now. It's not.

@FFF_USA @gretathunberg

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DAY 25 Strike to


I joined the climate activists in Nigeria like @the_ecofeminist
@Greenpeace @gretathunberg @Jamie_Margolin @europeangreens @350

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8 November i Göteborg. Utsläppen ökar! Vi kräver handling! @FFF_goteborg @gretathunberg

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