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“Si je suis toute seule à faire pression, bien sûr que je n’arriverai à rien. Mais si nous sommes nombreux, nous pourrons faire avancer les choses.”
Interview in Liberation.

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21.0°C à Alert ce 14 juillet, station la plus septentrionale du (82,5°N de latitude, ), NOUVEAU RECORD ABSOLU de température maximale à la station, battant les 20.0°C du 8 juillet 1956 (et record mondial au-dessus de 80°N). Exceptionnel !

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I’m sick and tired of striking and dedicating my summer to this... but, this is what we need. We need to keep showing up to create change and make our voices heard! @gretathunberg @mncantwait @FFF_USA @EricHolthaus

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Hundreds of from all around Europe will meet in to discuss the future of the FFF movement.
At the end of the week, a big will take place in Lausanne. Everybody’s welcome!
More infos on: 

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Today we protested against climate change and pollution!

No more plastic! No more pollution!

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When a cobbler, govt school students & private school students all strike together to fight it must be real....!! @gretathunberg @Fridays4future @IndiaRebellion @ExtinctionR

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Today's strike at Jassore, Bangladesh supporting @gretathunberg & taking part in @Fridays4future movement.

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Seattle Climate Strike today.

Raise our voices!
Not the water!
Notice how it’s getting hotter!

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Day 59 non stop vigil outside NZ Parliament until CCE declaration. So many amazing people from all over NZ and the world. ⁦@GreenpeaceNZ⁩ ⁦@XRBerlin⁩ ⁦@XRebellionAus⁩ ⁦@ExtinctionNZ⁩ ⁦@GarethMP⁩

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My climate strike week 18!

It was a quiet day, mostly because temperatures reached 100°F today, or 37.7°C, and few wanted to be out. I fled to the shade, but I refuse to stop striking!

@FFF_USA @gretathunberg

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Climate Emergency doesn't take a summer vacation and neither do we! Climate camp continues at City Hall!
@gretathunberg @f4f_nyc

Thank you to everyone who came out and everyone who stopped to talk to us!

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+++ EIL +++
@gretathunberg kommt nächsten Freitag erneut nach Berlin!

Sagt allen Menschen Bescheid, packt eure Familie in die Bahn und macht einen Ausflug nach Berlin!

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