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A metaphor for humanity’s attitude towards the ecological crisis:

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HHSS student Jurgen Shantz (white sign) stood outside Haliburton township office, raising awareness about climate change today. Shantz, who was joined by 20+ people, said his protest was inspired by teenage activist @gretathunberg See story in @haliburtonecho

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Students are rising up in . This is .

For 31 wks straight they have risen, in growing numbers all around the world. They aren't stopping til we .

No time to waste.


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Holy shit. In his review of the Stern review, Nordhaus actually imagines that future people might “come to love the altered landscape of the warmer world.”

No, really, he does that.

And then he proposes a model “with uncertainty about preferences.”

Holy shit.

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I was joined by 2 schools during today's at Lake Victoria to raise awareness on preserving our lakes so as to maintain our freshwater. It was great striking with them. @gretathunberg @Fridays4FutureU @UN_Water

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My friend, Udita, just sent this.

This is for you @gretathunberg, from Guwahati (Assam).

"There is no Planet B!"

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Greta wird mit dem Rachel Carson Preis geehrt. Der internationale Umweltpreis ist nach der gleichnamigen US-Meeresbiologin benannt, die 1962 mit dem Buch „Silent Spring“ für Aufsehen sorgte. ⁦@gretathunberg ⁦@tagesschau⁩

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Greta est précoce. Elle a déjà fait des petits devant le Parlement de .

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School strike week 8 in France in front of @VilledeGrenoble !

@gretathunberg @AlexandriaV2005 @saoi4climate @thomaskuntzz @EricPiolle @FabienMalbet @DormouseRoared @NotreAffaire @NaturalistDara

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15 Mart'ta iklim değişikliğine karşı başlattığımız etkinliği bugün de okul arkadaşlarımla beraber okulumuzda gerçekleştirdik. Her cuma günü buna devam etmeyi planlıyoruz... Fotoğraflarımızı çektiği için öğretmenimiz @oykubulbulkaya 'ya teşekkür ederiz.
... @gretathunberg

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It's my 17weeks on in Nigeria.
It doesn't matter whether we alone, what matter most is the message we are passing across and others will be inspired to join us.

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WEEK 15 of my @UN in NYC. Last week 1.6M protested. Now, everything and nothing has changed. There's more awareness, but also more denier attacks. So I'm still here, your 13 yr old reminder that we have 11 yrs to reduce GHG by 50%. What do we do now? @gretathunberg

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Forever crew in the rain today. A little quieter than last week.


Thinking of you @AlexandriaV2005

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Today I took to UG Parliament but police couldn't let me stand for 30mins. A police officer called Wettuai confiscated my placard. They neither protect our environment nor those fighting for it. I'll continue fighting for our planet @gretathunberg

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Latest update according to @NaturogUngdom : 20 000 in Oslo and 40 000 in all of Norway!
And many, many tens of thousands around the world on today!

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