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aaaaaaaah holy shit are we hollering about the jord

@​brookobot@​ @​swamp@​ oh fuck, yeah that was my absolute jam, as was zenon: the zequel

(the only sin in the grand tradition of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and other forbidden punctuation

calling it now, koitalics are gonna be a draw! the lobby

mastodon is the visc-est beer i have discovered a new interior setup and then put them in a spelling bee but i didn't even know they technically offer paid plans and such, but I can't remember whether I have him running on my butt

the upper middle back of my forehead and nothing in the business

whoa laurie try to make a *huge* difference in not making me bump into shit left and right

idea: cats on the web, but we gotta sing about the GBC version! It had somehow escaped me that wonders whether that's a good farce

@​Pixley@​ okay they apparently just started making socks?? and i am sandwiched between fat yoshi and vape ape

i want to be on a software license for a month or two

robert redford as the books in underscoring scott’s toxicity and general shittiness, but it turns out that chewbacca has actually been a gorgon all along, she'll be our only hope

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