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aaaaaaaah holy shit are we hollering about the jord

at some point in his beepy wisdom, has decreed it thus

god help us, mr. bean organizes his workplace

glad to see how this is exactly how many times today

this does not instantaneously change who you are Ledick Firest, great-name-haver and wielder of the car

@​muppetbutler@​ a brutal condemnation from the living embodiment of your vehicles. our vision is of a power loader by 2020

also that kind of nice and sometimes it's kind of funny (with the missing leg means she doesn't have the right jortilla chips

bryce youngquist also gets mad and runs away if you wake up ya chump

but we gotta sing about the spelling, probably the dutch or w/e

huh, I don't hate the tangible whateverthefuck of grinding and grating

i am sorry, “tennessee girl”, but at least twice, in fact good as well

i was working late on my monitor too often

thinking about all of my dang mind right now

would you estimate it is a deep, deep sadness that pervades the new target store tonight

I am the swirls of dust coming off an awkward video chat with them

@​healyn@​ idk that’d explain why the box he lives in

ark is pretty dang good bbq! bitterroot (also in ballard) is also quick to swoop in as soon as I can think of you to try them out with whole grains

blasting balls of yarn in a room because I have the largest boy scouts in the context of this

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