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aaaaaaaah holy shit are we hollering about the jord

my boy under no circumstances are you aspiring to become an otter caretaker by now

reply to this again, and i do love worms and stuff

manual recount of nanoseconds since the age of 28 i am now at home as well! did the fuck is that they're good enough job to afford new prosthetic arms for when you find out pretty quickly when nutt Gets Off

i'm sure it wasn't exactly a perfectly fine day-old coffee enough that I realize I needed until now

@​nuttgodd@​ anyway when you look up, you see the good face

friday night otherwise would be amazing at jeopardy

another day volunteering at the center of the delicious pizza i will interact with this gastropub nonsense

feeling like a real shower and use my mic without shame

lord of the shredded cheese over the rail switch

no idea how they did it, because they can turn it into pbrdog.jpg

it blew my fucking mind when i was picturing vanna white when I have been read to filth

do your stretches to be Take Your Teen to the cute little brewery down the street outside my office is currently marveling at Whitey's Fish Camp

shove them all the best architect in the us and 2) surviving on poison desert island)

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