@AbbieNormal it's true, but this is basically a bad way to use Facebook, on top of Facebook itself being bad for its users. Bars and restaurants are two of the few things where I actually do want to see promotional stuff, and FB will bury that unless you pay them extra, which I guess these small businesses aren't.


he thing is this

people use facebook for personal leisure

so when they do things for the restaurant they manage, familiarity kicks in

Google offers to build a simple promotional page and yet that's used poorly and timidly (around here)

because people don't hang on google in their personal time


this is one of the best and yet it's so timid

In my phone I have better pictures of the place

Also they offer several kind of floures, can you guess that from their page ?



if these people were on the fediverse rather than on facebook, the fediverse should offer a type used for representing businesses, like the google business site

@AbbieNormal specifically an activitypub thing for that kind of establishment would make sense. A Foodiverse with special provisions for menus opening times. Don't make people download your pdf menu from FB


I think @pukkamustard 's OpenEngiadina is about something similar

Also, I think @jonny could be interested in this discussion

@AbbieNormal @derwinmcgeary @pukkamustard
SEO SEO SEO. the main thing a restaurant wants is for you to Google them and for them to be the thing you find. anything you make has to be SEO hyperoptimized first, have a ux >= easy than Facebook which has like global capital levels of ux budget. third is balancing "user concern" like why people go to Yelp because they feel like they have some semblance of control/impartial review system. so AP is the perfect thing that tips the scales there

@AbbieNormal @derwinmcgeary @pukkamustard
it's also a beautiful onramp to teaching people what SEO IS - html meta and target text. only a FOSS SEO framework could do that, it makes you not have a product. that's an onramp to what the web is. and so on

@AbbieNormal @derwinmcgeary @pukkamustard there are also like a billion "nice to haves" that would make a real difference that you only get by actively collaborating with restaurant/bar ppl, and I can only think of a few of bc I've asked a bunch of them over the years what they'd want from the web but haven't worked w them.
- categories of items that share a price
- categories of items that share price with a multiplier for size
- modifiers for items
- linking modifiers with inventory

@AbbieNormal @derwinmcgeary @pukkamustard
- time of day (eg. lunch/dinner menus) item adjustments by order frequency
- time of day price adjustments by order frequency
- easy for the people at the register to use
- easy to deploy to franchises
- easy to have a synchronized display across kitchen, front of house, etc.
- recommendations of related items, chained items (sides and drinks)
- remember customer's previous order
- integration with delivery service
- order status tracking

@AbbieNormal @derwinmcgeary @pukkamustard
- hours adjustable on the fly
- hours integrated via metadata with search engines
- specials on the homepage
- bidirectional forumlike customer <-> restaurant communication, people like to tweet @ things, even if we don't like to admit it, people like to read Yelp reviews.
and so on

@AbbieNormal @derwinmcgeary @pukkamustard
where I think free tech people fuck up approaching these problems is either by not working with the people involved or by over optimizing for the people involved and just imagining it as a "restaurant platform." another axis of fucking up is catering too hard to "developers" or too hard to "users." instead I think we need to start thinking about general purpose frameworks for representing structured data continuous across levels of use

@jonny @AbbieNormal @pukkamustard so where does it fit in - we have AP and software that works with it. Work really hard on opening times because time and calendar stuff is always a nightmare, try and put together a menu data structure that would work for foofy tasting menu places but also five guys build a burger stuff. Special code for dietary stuff and allergies, preferably separate because that matters to the kitchen



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