a neural net defines SATYR 

SATYR: a second warning to the way of a law or controlling words or personal conditions

a neural net defines STATE OF STATE 

STATE OF STATE: the prodestic action of an order or procedil or property or proposition

a neural net defines GREENHOUSE LETTER 

GREENHOUSE LETTER: the person who is silver or scorn volley (circum) who meet down etc.

a neural net defines SUPERSTRATE 

SUPERSTRATE: a specific term for a meal

a neural net defines PHOTOGRAPHY 

PHOTOGRAPHY: the branch of medicine concerned with the theory of protoctists

a neural net defines SECTILE 

SECTILE: a statement that is a member (usually a master's degree) that is calm and an active state that is needed three the reading with the presence that is submitted thread and active in the same pregnancy

a neural net defines KAMIA 

KAMIA: a member of the Algonquian people formerly living in Turkeys; contains historical units of the United States

a neural net defines ARCHES 

ARCHES: a country on the island of New Jersey on the Gulf of Mexico

a neural net defines OBJECT-ORIENTED RITE 

OBJECT-ORIENTED RITE: a social science for which the principal deliberate appeal to do something

a neural net defines SHIRT WHISTLING 

SHIRT WHISTLING: a compact coat or strap that coval basks in a stovial book

a neural net defines RADIO FRANCHISE 

RADIO FRANCHISE: the school of advertising (as on a captivum or subject)

a neural net defines PUNCTUATION 

PUNCTUATION: the activity of causing firmness of speech or prison and the relative qualities of war suits

a neural net defines PINWHEEL MATERIAL 

PINWHEEL MATERIAL: serving as a seaman at the top for goaches

a neural net defines PORTABLE RAILWAY 

PORTABLE RAILWAY: a small band of barriers that provide a table and a large cable and a tablet and a small panel or brass

a neural net defines ACCESSORY 

ACCESSORY: an act of constructing or advising or distracting and material that is unable to something

a neural net defines LEWIS 

LEWIS: United States physician who developed a population of the secular political and fundamental interests (1890-1967)

a neural net defines ORTHOPTICS 

ORTHOPTICS: activity by virtue of being able to object

a neural net defines CARYOPHYLLACEAE 

CARYOPHYLLACEAE: aquatic icebum swallows founcelike aquatic insect having less egg-shape eggs annual to raise

a neural net defines STAMP STRIKER 

STAMP STRIKER: a straight strap that is used to start a ship or to carries or scrambles

a neural net defines SKYSCRAPER 

SKYSCRAPER: a habitually written record of study that is steering rapidly with the lowermost boat of the fixture

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