are u worried about the layers of highlight and contour

I need some unhealthy masculinity like I dont give a fuck sorry. Thats the Libra way. Thats venusian. Lighting a pumpkin space candle that smells like weed and doing shit like believing in zero.

I forgot why so Im glad Nutt is serving the Monday morning hornt tbh

(lighting incense)
(Sets intention)
I intend to manifest a huge stick baton thing

*John Galt voice* who is... sea gazelle gets political shes tankie authoritarian trash

😭😭😭😭💕 thank u I love you just the same!!!!

I will be redeemed in the Ariana meme with my Slavic stare I will not fuck out of the workings of the Seagazelle

You have to smell good!!!! Hell yeah Thursday!!!

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