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Girl are you bot

Enby, are you a lazar-house? Because you are a lazaretto!

Enby, are you a prepayment? Because you are a payment in advance.

Girl, are you a sprout? Because you are to cause to come forth and grow!

Girl, are you a mandrake? Because you are a southern European plant (Mandragora officinarum) having greenish-yellow flowers and a branched root. This plant was once believed to have magical powers because its root resembles the human body. πŸ˜‰

Girl, are you a rustbelt? Because you are a region of dilapidated or former manufacturing concerns.

Boy, are you a maide? Because you are obsolete spelling of maid!

Girl, are you a seamster? Because you are a tailor.

Girl, are you an endophthalmitis? Because you are inflammation of the eyeball.

Enby, are you an avowry? Because you are the action of an advowee, advocate or patron. πŸ˜‰

Boy, are you a selectin? Because you are any of a group of transmembrane glycoproteins important in cell adhesion. πŸ˜‰

Enby, are you an infantilism? Because you are a state of arrested development in an adult, characterized by retention of infantile mentality, accompanied by stunted growth and sexual immaturity, and often by dwarfism. πŸ˜‰

Enby, are you a restfulness? Because you are the property of being restful.

Girl, are you a xenotransplantation? Because you are the surgical transfer of cells, tissues, or especially whole organs from one species to another.

Enby, are you a chitty? Because you are a small note, such as a pass or voucher slip; a chit!

Girl, are you a reductivist? Because you are tending to reduce to a minimum or to simplify in an extreme way. πŸ˜‰

Boy, are you a weedwhacker? Because you are a device used to destroy weeds; a string trimmer.

Enby, are you a preschooler? Because you are a child who is not old enough to attend kindergarten.

Girl, are you a sweep-second? Because you are a second hand that is mounted on the same center as the hour and minute hand and is read on the minutes.

Boy, are you a sleaze? Because you are a sleazy condition, quality, or appearance: "His record of public service is untouched by any stain of shadiness or sleaze” ( James J. Kilpatrick). !

Enby, are you a cardo? Because you are the basal joint of the maxilla in insects. πŸ˜‰