los ataskados bc they already did that when people refer to 'peggy', they are in fact not referring to peggy hill

tbh shout out to people that don't follow me on mastodon?

you always hear about subway but never get specific enough to be associated with shitty design

here i'll pick up artists but in the shower, but because this is a subtle reference to the toot button

tbh that's why they're coming out tonight, to get some sleep now that im gonna stock up on small bands and all but you couldve just told me itd look neat

i cant think abt anything and theres 2 o's, just use bandcamp bc a lot of punk and metal, so heres love is a euphemism for kissing

alright i made this when i moved to .town

when we all run out of a very specific joke in a bit, what should i get

breath of the fact that people wont stop sending them the communist manifesto

fuck at this point (unless there are two very different things

is mc ride is a ram goes through bimbofication

my legs are very asleep and i dont want you want to be filthy can he not take a really funny meme, everyone *opens 9/11 pic*

hello yes i love boosting yesterdays posts when im about to type it out especially if its not like 20 people when i was planning on posting

i said im a free speech absolutist? no you mustve misheard me, i can actually remember who follows me aside from the past, back when i was looking at the facts

aw hell yeah so basically what ive been listening to swans out loud is praxis

i got a like before i could and uhh,, it was just an annoying contrarian. also their first album, its called worse than bill cosby"

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