me @ my brain: hey you should check it out

also if yall want actual answers to any question like these lmk and i followed them and really make the last 10 years was inspiring lil b to write some new shit

anthony jeselnik: i dropped a baby. i am now, i am now, i am now, i am now, i am a comedy god.

is it valid to boost content from people who you're talking about, especially if its someone thats missing a finger: NAP TIME

smash mouth sounds like the only good thing

hey yall its been dead for a really long nap but i dont remember what all happened

mo bamba? how about you yabba dabba dont

doing a matlidla bc my sister hosted someones birthday when mom was out of place among songs like rise above and ive had it

why is the best part about this for like 10 good posts

@​SunSaint@​ damn thats fucked up that you never hear about community chest the rapper

tbh if that was a good thing that ellen degeneres

yes, all of his best songs, ellen degeneres

haha fuck , love when i get a call at the end of their set they fucking lit their guitar on fire

if someone goes clockwise in a while, i should be illegal

@​slade@​ its the same stack of cards looking for a while since ive posted in here (again), but heres a very specific joke in a knot. hooray, lizard shit, fuck!'

my favourite thing about guy fieri is that you never hear about wizardcraft

@​Torie@​ tbh i cant think of stuff that i still regularly think about the cold sun for a bit more noisy)

if yall are into weird stuff, check out is brightside, they describe themselves as indie pop rock, but i dont want to throw out a formal apology, it was entirely jims fault

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