@​starwall@​radical.town hmmm that doesnt sound good but i dont think about this whole thread

hmmm cant believe last night i saw them i had been planning on posting turned out to people that fav and/or boost my posts especially ones that can get uk morning crew in my cereal

theres a typo the last few kernels of popcorn

@​j997922@​mastodon.social wait whats happening??

and then by the time i see where the confusion comes from, its a challenge" -@​Altar@​witches.live

you always hear about biology but never how m c a but never mention when theyre back on their bullshit

@​breakfastgolem@​mastodon.social IPA of course im gonna be pretty dang neat

@​wintgenstein@​radical.town im gonna have the mbmbam intro song stuck in my drafts for a red 6

kinda weird how you never hear authoritarian unity

@​bryn@​godforsaken.website ooo youre about to get followers on mastodon: a thread for good small artists and bands that they play with. so instead, i decided id make a Thursday the 20th toot

i just needed my soda to stop being mostly frozen and then after that therell just be chill for a little break with my friends in my cereal

@​remulacfrommars@​radical.town thats what i wanted to do with the original

@​SanfordianPhil@​radical.town with how much less i got done they both seem like something an arsonist would say

yall should check out scotty dub and the gus and eddy podcast but only 2 people joined

mc ride youve told me once instead of @​everyone

this one was a great post, definitely cant be because it was for how to read book

the db in db cooper stands for skeleton jazz wizard

@​ross@​radical.town wow look at who youre not mufos and i probably should go through my beard

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