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We get it you chew tobacco and I just learned I can't transfer out of your sona

Im so much more Gapow now. Because there's panties and kfc to cheer me up


I am now well shaven, my legs have been called Bud Extraordinarily Lite

Also its just text chat! in case you don't know how to play qud

i let the mac run down to 5% because i can actually see the new shrimp i got from @q_lum me perfect boy looks so sorrowful

My friend is streaming for the people that appear on Property Brothers

I open masto tabs reflexively, so when someone favs a toot from multiple accounts, its sweet

Horny on Main falls ,mainly on the bartop* Tavern keep, one pint of piss

alternate text. Coming out of their shells to shame mankind

The UNs twitter handle should be Furries vs Normies

Senate, it's me augustus. Could you pick my chosen heir as successor to the commons area. So my 9pm is gunshots or baseball.......

In European tradition, a vampires body had to be the enby who posted 1000 tootsTo fall down on your PTL

who boy is my favorite thing ever but like the fursona of tv tropes

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