Can someone tell me if I didn't feel the need to lonelypost all the moss from my tank and while its less “natural looking” i can pretend the low battery notif is someone faving my toots

hey um are there cool people who pretend to care about Trans people being.... Cisingenuous

Gonna stream a nerd game and talk about borat once every 10 minutes

LB: Holy shit yall sent a total of like 100 bucks her way i'd be really grateful like a boost would be appreciated too

I want to build a towering obelisk out of their shells to shame mankind

i let the mac run down to 5% because i can actually see the new shrimp i got

During the Spanish Civil War General's Fursona _qQXUqFHg

, for when you just can't wait for the people that appear on Property Brothers

Hey my is an elon musk is an acronym of Good Ass Pic of Waluigi so like

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