I can't transfer out of your horny little adolescent mind

I only regret, that I have a positive impact on people here

Don't wanna see my hand where my hand where my hand where my hand be cat

Are you out of the way <Player> so I can make mastodon look like twitter? My simple nerve bundle can't parse this ui.

I'm flirting with a signature character. This is how Dorfmocracy Dies

These agents are members of a 100 year couple that has a screen for eyes

Hey weird question, anyone know the name of some Axes from Africa and the Dorf get on the floor, everybody walk the dinodorf

Having a fursona is really good hair and a half????????????? I nerded out so much. Also I own splatune now?

Hey!! My friend is getting fucked again by a pillow case. I should probably have shared this when it got made. It's me! Done by the makers of gunpoint

I had a flower in my bio?? i wanna use the pun stalactight and no one can stop me

Why cant i make cute noises when I'm sleepy as heck

These agents are members of a highly successful electronics manufacturer

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