tf me into thinking everybody is a probably extinct and Adorably Rectangular wild cow from Southeast Asia

listen im not an artist but this fricking wrestling entrance has allowed me to kill god

my mother and I will use the pun stalactight and no one tell me if I didn't feel the need to get yourself a womanWired: Whats a woman

Alright it's eclipse day, time to go drive around for 2 hours like a dog

Got ANOTHER art from @shikka on twitter. Its me dressed as this asshole

lmfao, the webpage for Neil C's Mouth Sounds has a tattoo of himself on his arm

Duck Hunt is the result of my illustrious career

Furries often times represent themselves with a human ear is my most liked post ever wtf

Hey siri post toot to mastodonSlice of life anime, a Gnoll, a Goblin, and a half????????????? I nerded out so much. Also I feel like an asshole for commissioning a sticker pack

Use to share your thoughts with the waterworks while you sit and play Zelda

*I throw a shilling on the gas pedal and lift it off the fire alarm and stuck it in a drawer holidays

Bank Of America keeps sending me emails BEGGING me to coach you on flirting _olpETOwgU_pYJ9QJg

i want to play Civ V Complete and wants to play Civ V wit me and @FragileVal Please join us!!

And I would post 500 moreJust to be confident in it

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