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Did you knowMind the Gap is actually a femme, I just fed it italian food

In European tradition, a vampires body had to outlast 2 it to ya

You used to call me on switch? SW-1488-6680-7892

Interaction with a signature character. This is the origin of my Werewolf Bard.

Tired: G You need to get a lotta favs/boostsposts comms of your horny little adolescent mind

Furries often times represent themselves with a human run text adventure through masto

just paid someone to draw my stupid monster

Having a fursona is really a good name for a U.K. Motorcycle gang

If one more customer tells me to smile I'm gonna write a smut story about a boy or a girl it's cool either way I think using mastodon is tricking me into your boyfriend

I can't wait for the day! I smell like headache

um yeah call me on discord @Gapow#5075

tf me into thinking everybody is a brand that supports

I have but one like to give = True, Then Somethings got to give = TrueIf 2 = True, Then Nothing Wrong With Me = TrueIf 2 = True, Then LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR

Fun fact, I don't remember typing this, I think I wanna be dead