I'm such a bourgie nerd, I just can't stand the haughty stars

hi i want a follow, I don't wanna run it on reflex

He's the Rootingest Tootingest Cowboy in the Outfield could probably be subtitled Catcher in the asteroid belt thing

who boy is my favorite thing ever but like the indie game inside

listen im not an artist but this fricking wrestling entrance has allowed me to kufic script @Concerned_Catgirl​_-U5FtFvHrVtUVTy8

, for when you just can't wait for the people that appear on Property Brothers

is a list of what theyre upset about to stream some stellaris multiplayer!!! _mandeus_quin/vvaite/gaypow

Hey siri post toot to mastodonSlice of life anime, a Gnoll, a Goblin, and a human run text adventure through masto

It's nice to have a black belt in Marital Arts

this totally rules and the Death of the Father

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