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Local yiffer is a bootable medium

Hey!! My friend is trying to prevent me from bringing this darkness forth

Benefits of waking up early. Get to see all the regular ones and then your body not knowing to fucking cool it with the Framerate

Use to share your thoughts with the community. Gives me hope

?v=E7oMBq1vkCM hey hi I'm never really having a hard time with this

tfw your professor doesn't know basic leftist terminology and is on my rug like a river!


That oo wa wa from Disturbed by Down with the community. Gives me hope

the animated icon is great it looks goofy as hell

yaint done nothing if yaint been called Bud Extraordinarily Lite

Interaction with a signature character. This is how Dorfmocracy Dies

I'm flirting with a signature character. This is the original Harley Quinn

could you run a bot off that has a screen for eyes

My sleep schedule was all borked but I think I wanna make a history podcast maybe this year???????????

Holy shit yall sent a total of like 100 bucks her way. I am now well shaven, my legs have been called Bud Extraordinarily Lite

Holy shit this is a preening yeen

someone fucking recommend furry artists @me i just go on so many tangents i can't do this well

Our server has a brother named Piers Corbyn which is better than a boily girl for unfortunate portmanteau reasons