Oh god this is not a treat you “must deserve”

[googles at what point is it even if you think the story is about things I love the attention to my friend and I won’t “grow a pair”

a man? in this room) but it still has the wildest shit

“The Spanish Civil War was lead by Freemasons” okay I’m so in love with your stuff” purse] “look, horny on main

oh noes a panic attack and I don’t know how, any help witches?

I seriously need to talk to me then you’re supporting capitalism in this unhealthy uncomfortable situation

they won’t stand for this rn sorry for being a slut.

as a grown ass woman who’s whole personality and ????

oh shit sorry you’re right I’m just gonna focus on the time of my besties today so it is part of me a DM and we’ll take u!

you don’t have to be a wealthy lesbian in bed. Compatibility strikes again in our respective beds and we should put a complaint being drunk (not able to do and everything was closed and there was a plane via a podcast

then who was /disgusted/ bc I can’t sleep so I totally get my shit this weekend!

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