The votes have been counted! In total 224 votes were cast. Here comes the top six songs of this year's fedivision!

We have two songs on a shared fifth place, with 12 votes each. The first of these is...

Song: Big Tech (is a criminal offence)
Country: topio

Congratulations to @topio

The other song on a shared fifth place with 12 votes is...

Song: Make It Happen
Country: Peaceful republic of funky people

Congratulations to @Fadyalma

On the fourth place, with 14 votes, is...

Song: Specter
Country: Bajoran Republic

Congratulations to @TQ

In an unlikely coincidence, the third and second place is also shared with 26 votes each! The first of the song on a shared second place is...

Song: Rise
Country: Lost Railroad Valley

Congratulations to @stephan

The other song on a shared second place with 26 votes is...

Song: cursed(suffering)
Country: New Cyberia

Congratulations to @controlfreak


The first place in the second annual Song Contest, with 11 votes, is...

Song: Se llama el fediverso !
Country: Le BIM !

Congratulations to @iloth

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Correction. 11 votes was the amount of votes it took to win last year.

Se llama el fediverso ! won with a whopping 56 votes!

@fedivision whoops with the typo, 31 I presume, not 11? It's not too late to delete and redraft 😉

Thanks to all the artists for entertaining us with your creativity! And to @fedivision for bringing us all together.

Congrats to
@iloth 🎉

Congrats to @iloth ! It was a catchy and fun tune too!
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