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Admin posts racist and ableist slurs and is an antisemite.

Tags: antisemitism, racism, ableism is a neonazi mastodon instance.Its admin is @/ which follows people using common Neonazi symbols like the black sun the state flag of germany of the time before 1935. Since Swastika-flags are prohibited in Germany, this flag is commonly used instead. […]

🚨 SERVER DOWNTIME 🚨 Hi folks, the machine that runs is having some trouble so it's being migrated to a new server, sometime in the next few hours. Sorry for the short notice, just learned myself! 

Admin is "pro free speech", gaslights in bio by saying that "if you block her or her instance, you are a transphobe". Also owns and which already are on this list.

Tags: freespeech, gaslighting 

The admin of uses homomisic and ableist slurs.

Tags: homophobia, ableism is a Norwegian alt-right instance that pushes fake news through their Norwegian propaganda blog[2] as well as linking to other fake news articles (for example [3] and to a Norwegian alt-right propaganda machine called Resett (as seen here [4]). In addition, they are also attempting to spread covid denialism ([5]).

Tags: alt-right, fake news, covid denialism 

This is an openly nazi instance, hosting white supremacist / white nationalist content, featuring holocaust denial, antisemitism, misogyny, transmisia and islamophobia

Tags: rightwing, altright, nazi, misogyny, transmisia, holocaustdenial, whitenationalism, islamophobia, antisemitism 

Alt-right instance, openly hosts nazi content.About page links to

Tags: altright, rightwing, nazi, freespeech 

This instance currently has a single peer, which is an openly nazi instance hosting holocaust denial content as well as apology of nazi ideology

Tags: rightwing, nazi, holocaustdenial


homomisic / homophobic terms of service, reading:"No homosexual content (figuratively and literally)."

Tags: homomisia

Receipts:, a instance with awful freeze-peach energy and which hosts far right content.according to their about page, they are not "interested in censoring you for political or philosophical views"and they "champion free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online."

Tags: freespeech


- Instance "implemented to help preserve freedom of speech in the United States of America" - " Freedom of speech, press, and expression is upheld here to the highest degree." - Admin is called MakeAmericaFreeAgain - Admin boosts advocacy for racial segregation - replyguy at instance defending the white supremacist uprising in the U.S. […] 

"Querdenken" is the largest organisation of covid-deniers in Germany. They've organised large demonstrations without masks and distancing, and are spreading conspiracy myths about the SARS-CoV2 virus not existing/ being harmless, antisemitic stuff like "the Great Reset", and work together with literal (Neo)Nazis on their rallies.The instance promotes a lot of stuff from, which is on […] 

a single user instance hosted by @ p (who is a disgusting racist and admin) and operated by a nazi going under the alias of @ JoJo Jojo himself has extremely close relations to many racists and bigots, and he himself is known for spamming disturbing porn without even including proper trigger warnings.

Tags: racism, fascism

Receipts: […] 

Hosts large amount of german covid-19 denier videos ("Querdenken").[0, first screenshot]The instance is run by, where @ nipos @ is the admin.[1,2] Nipos likes the conspiracy theory movement "Querdenken"[3] and conspiracy theorist KenFM[4], but he hates public broadcasting and say's it's "Staatsfunk"[5], which implies that the german state decides what ARD and ZDF have to […] 

The Terms of service point to no moderation and free speech. Linked to, admin is a No Agenda producer.“will not be blocking when it federates.”

Tags: freespeech, alt-right

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Self-report. Instance is an effort to de-centralize the bitcoin social space away from, an instance already on this list. Admin gives zero fucks about policing content beyond crypto scams and ambiguous appeals to "common sense" .

Tags: freespeech


Admin posted a picture of Joseph Goebbels with the caption “OUR PATIENCE HAS ITS LIMITS” in response to Nickelodeon searching for trans and non-binary actors.

Tags: nazism, transmisia

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