Hi everyone, this project is going to be taken over by @fediblock

The full list is visible at rathersafe.space/fediblock for now and probably at fediblock.org in a new way later.

We will move all followers to the new account tomorrow, this is just a heads up.


Admin here. I'm reporting my kodocon instance because people should feel free to block kodocon content as they feel fit.

Tags: kodocon, lolicon, shotacon



"GITMO.LIFE Free Speech Social Network". A lot of former Parler users. Admin shares conspiracy myths.

Tags: freespeech, far right, trump, conspiracism



Open registrations, no CoC/ToS.Quotes from the admin: “No porn but all else is welcome.”, “Jews are evil”. Uses homomisic slurs and wishes for doctors performing transition surgeries or abortions to get arrested.

Tags: free speech, transmisia, misogyny, homomisia, antisemitism



FSE, kiwifarms adjacent, single user instanceuses blockpolicy which sends a dm to anyone(from an instance that federates blocks) that has blocked a user from this instance

Tags: free speech, blockpolicy, ableism, transmisia



poa.st, kiwifarms adjacentadmin* posts and boosts racist, fascist, lgbt-misic stuff*says its theirs instance, however misskey doesn't really show who's the admin

Tags: racism, free speech, alt-right, rightwing, fascism, hatespeech, homomisia, transmisia



Instance looks legit for journalists but is not moderated, seemingly free for all registrations. Hosts several QAnon accounts.Recently a big german covid denialist has made his home here and has amassed several hundred followers.Instance is administrated (runs on latest release of Mastodon) but admin does only react on reports after pressured.

Tags: no moderation, conspiracism, transmisia



Hi, I would like to put my instance on the fediblock list. While my instance is quite young (indeed, that is how I like them), I was still disappointed to see that no one had bothered to give me a place on it. Hopefully you can fix that for me, thank you.

Tags: lolicon



Really bad language. N word, T word. Blatant antisemitism. Gaslighting.All of this from an admin. posting.lolicon.rocks/s8n

Tags: racism, nazism, antisemitism, conspiracism, alt-right, lolicon, lookism, transmisia, fascism



Admin of the instance makes fun of the Holocaust

Tags: antisemitism



Openly advertises racism and transmisia on the frontpage. Admin posts racist memes.

Tags: racism, transmisia



Admin spreads misinformation about COVID pandemic, and posts transmisic stuff.From about page:"I created this site because I was fed up with places like Twitter and their tyrannical censorship. If we want to live in a world where free speech exists, then we cannot continue supporting corporations that are trying to stomp us out."

Tags: conspiracism, covid denial, transmisia, free speech



this seems to be a personal instance, and the person in question seems really awful. they also seem friendly with neckbeard.xyz users, which is in fediblock as well.

Tags: antisemitism, ableism



this seems to be a personal instance, and the person in question seems really awful. they also seem friendly with neckbeard.xyz users, which is in fediblock as well.

Tags: antisemitism, ableism



quanta.wiki, short for QAnon Taskforce wiki, is a project by Clay Ferguson.Ferguson used to have an account on the rightwing QAnon instance "social.teci.world", where he claims that mainstream media (MSM) were a PsyOps tool against the people.From his current account on noagendasocial, he claims that quanta.wiki is what should become the alternative platform Donald Trump wants to build.Putting all of this together, it […]



"The Empowered Citizen Initiative" is an initiative that wants to provide technical help for the so-called "Great Awakening".That is a concept part of the rightwing conspiracy QAnon myth.The main site teci.world is full of QAnon dog whistles like "The Great Awakening Began in 2017 It is part of all of us now!"They also publish a so-called user guide which goes full QAnon playbook: "A User's Guide to The […]


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