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Really bad language. N word, T word. Blatant antisemitism. Gaslighting.All of this from an admin.

Tags: racism, nazism, antisemitism, conspiracism, alt-right, lolicon, lookism, transmisia, fascism 

Admin of the instance makes fun of the Holocaust

Tags: antisemitism 

Openly advertises racism and transmisia on the frontpage. Admin posts racist memes.

Tags: racism, transmisia 

Admin spreads misinformation about COVID pandemic, and posts transmisic stuff.From about page:"I created this site because I was fed up with places like Twitter and their tyrannical censorship. If we want to live in a world where free speech exists, then we cannot continue supporting corporations that are trying to stomp us out."

Tags: conspiracism, covid denial, transmisia, free speech 

this seems to be a personal instance, and the person in question seems really awful. they also seem friendly with users, which is in fediblock as well.

Tags: antisemitism, ableism 

this seems to be a personal instance, and the person in question seems really awful. they also seem friendly with users, which is in fediblock as well.

Tags: antisemitism, ableism, short for QAnon Taskforce wiki, is a project by Clay Ferguson.Ferguson used to have an account on the rightwing QAnon instance "", where he claims that mainstream media (MSM) were a PsyOps tool against the people.From his current account on noagendasocial, he claims that is what should become the alternative platform Donald Trump wants to build.Putting all of this together, it […] 

"The Empowered Citizen Initiative" is an initiative that wants to provide technical help for the so-called "Great Awakening".That is a concept part of the rightwing conspiracy QAnon myth.The main site is full of QAnon dog whistles like "The Great Awakening Began in 2017 It is part of all of us now!"They also publish a so-called user guide which goes full QAnon playbook: "A User's Guide to The […] 

Wikipedia article of KenFM: Jebsen is known for conspiracy theories and antisemitism positions.

Tags: conspiracism, racism, covid denial 

I think I don't need to explain why, but anyways, nazism, swastikas everywhere, "free speech".

Tags: nazism, fascism 

Admin posts racist and ableist slurs and is an antisemite.

Tags: antisemitism, racism, ableism is a neonazi mastodon instance.Its admin is @/ which follows people using common Neonazi symbols like the black sun the state flag of germany of the time before 1935. Since Swastika-flags are prohibited in Germany, this flag is commonly used instead. […]

🚨 SERVER DOWNTIME 🚨 Hi folks, the machine that runs is having some trouble so it's being migrated to a new server, sometime in the next few hours. Sorry for the short notice, just learned myself! 

Admin is "pro free speech", gaslights in bio by saying that "if you block her or her instance, you are a transphobe". Also owns and which already are on this list.

Tags: freespeech, gaslighting 

The admin of uses homomisic and ableist slurs.

Tags: homophobia, ableism is a Norwegian alt-right instance that pushes fake news through their Norwegian propaganda blog[2] as well as linking to other fake news articles (for example [3] and to a Norwegian alt-right propaganda machine called Resett (as seen here [4]). In addition, they are also attempting to spread covid denialism ([5]).

Tags: alt-right, fake news, covid denialism 

This is an openly nazi instance, hosting white supremacist / white nationalist content, featuring holocaust denial, antisemitism, misogyny, transmisia and islamophobia

Tags: rightwing, altright, nazi, misogyny, transmisia, holocaustdenial, whitenationalism, islamophobia, antisemitism 

Alt-right instance, openly hosts nazi content.About page links to

Tags: altright, rightwing, nazi, freespeech 

This instance currently has a single peer, which is an openly nazi instance hosting holocaust denial content as well as apology of nazi ideology

Tags: rightwing, nazi, holocaustdenial


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