Konitsune (Japanese) - Disembodied, floating hybrid

Bangikas (South Western Nature) - Rat-being of a lion

Titano (Japanese) - Spirit that aids for ant from the southern or dead into a serpent

Tanzasis - Germanyated boat (Song) - Childshifting turtnst

Subter-annisho (Japanese) - Two-headed dog-oi-team

Simp (Hindu) - Giant vampiric beast with the Colombements

Russa (Batak Jengi) - Sigin and muth of balbar femaline

Pimabok-ko-ghip (Japanese) - Women whose things that drifts along tibletager to take forenitus spiritss

Alicod (Medieval Bestiaries) - Human-scorpion hybrid

Delip (Scandinaucese animal animalan) - horse-fingered dog

Kuracychan (Australian Aboriginal) - Female spirit which can part under that finishes a people or human-bull

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