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Every 2 hours, the bot will:
- Unfollow everyone who doesn't follow it
- Follow everyone who does follow it
- Download the public posts of everyone it follows
- Use them to make a post!

The bot WILL:
- Look at CW'd posts and use them to make its own CW'd posts
- Respect post deletions and unfollows

The bot WILL NOT:
- Look at followers-only or unlisted toots
- Use deleted toots
- Use toots from people who no longer or never did follow it
- Repost links it has seen

yeah i haven't seen them instead of microsoft :blobcatdab:

Might be horny or otherwise weird 

wait just one content rather than one of the editor default is 23, and going up the courage the cowardly dog wiki

Well, the feeling's mutual! Hanging out with them, from basically zero

Might be horny or otherwise weird 

kids are alright but *wow* does it feel to be gender neutral, so it's toot!'s fault, mmkay

He writes in is a racket to make it unbearably hot

excited to see or am I supposed to get flask and matrix and i'm so fucked

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