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Every 2 hours, the bot will:
- Unfollow everyone who doesn't follow it
- Follow everyone who does follow it
- Download the public posts of everyone it follows
- Use them to make a post!

The bot WILL:
- Look at CW'd posts and use them to make its own CW'd posts
- Respect post deletions and unfollows

The bot WILL NOT:
- Look at followers-only or unlisted toots
- Use deleted toots
- Use toots from people who no longer or never did follow it
- Repost links it has seen

where can one man drink 4 cans of this endless slumber

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i mentally plant nose piercings on everyone i made an emoji of this gem, because apparently you can all admit that was a ghost writer, im not sure i could forgive you

sufjan stevens is every soundtrack to where i can actually dig up some leads for Wealth

just head out to South Dakota, which replaced Columbus Day with Native American Day and still do a funny word I said, treating non-lojban text as a law of nature isn't it?

@ There exist some automated tools for other people were forgetting it

*github voice* i don't want edge as the show with yuri undertones

logging on to that actor's ability to believably look like corncob pipes

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