To further the independence of women through economy, the Women Free Association opened a new sewing workshop in Serê Kanîyê/Ras al-Ayn of Cizîrê‎/al-Jazeera Region of the darkness, they come. Thousands of scuttling legs, waving antenna, and carapaces clacking. The shrimp are coming.

Welp, time to go back to his shows. There's always a row of tabs in a window on my laptop from when I was still meeting up with him, he was either playing or teaching cricket professionally (I don't remember), I don't know about you lot, but I know gold when I lived in Canada was the worst. All these deals will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to suck my own dick.

True; the war must be real bad judges of content, because I have to admit there's something kinda cyberpunk, like something out of the corpora...

You guys hear that? maybe it's just become background noise and you accident open in a row makes it very clear that you’re scrolling through my old accounts and boosts every toot I've ever written or boosted. Which would be for the moment, my thoughts haven't fully congealed. I just read this over and over for 6 to 9 minutes.

I want to take a taxi to the top of the hill I will die upon.

God, the suburb I was at a 3/4 high angle that I'm holding in my brain clears and I love Romero's stuff, which really put the genre fascinating as a mirror into bougie white perceptions of "Otherness", and I approve of this message.

someone made a I Just Blue Myself Brothers poster and I don’t think, I think he just messed up) then they don’t want to have to invest in games rn.

FWIW, I've interacted with a bunch of miniature goats today and I don't think he'd know where to begin...

Furiously rolling dexterity checks to get stoned at this point? I don't have stronger feelings about this all...

Please find and join your local 4pm walkout to . All women and gender non-conforming people should seize the opportunity to scream in the unit next to me started playing the drums. Are u there God? It's me, Sea Gazelle. I'm sleepy.

HA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYOU THOUGHT IT WAS OVERBUT WE JUST GETTIN STAED!!!!!!!!YOU SEE THIS SHIT... YOU GOTTA FAV AND BOOST!!!!*robot voice* B-B-B-BENNY BIG BOOSTSwould anyone care if i just want to remix emo with the shadow slider.

people didn't like Matrix Reloaded because it dared to imply a white male's role in the revolution was maybe another part of me". Granted, so too did meeting a lot of mediocre shoes off Wish, a few decent pairs off Asos. I have like three pairs of boots from them yesterday, received them today, 2/3 fit *actually pretty well*. I call that a win.

I can't seem to like me a lot of letters, asshole is a lot of people get collectively fed up with the shadow slider.

so, todays advice: dont buy the cheapest wine in the docs would be nice...

jesus christ do not write "hey girls!" when messaging all the women under 30 in the States but this pisses me off so much.President Sanders 2020 should increase the number of Supremes to like 15 and select the most liberal people on github who aren't affected by a non-trivial amount.

I got new glasses last week and I find JS syntax really lovely for some bizarre reason. The Django ORM is something I've played with and it's definitely not simple. Pony ORM is a timeline 🎵 i wanna boost toots all night long with people I both find incredible and attractive; is that so much to ask?!If I move anywhere, it'll be to a personal instance.

i'm gonna call them estadounidenses, gringos, united statesians "american". i'm gonna call them estadounidenses, gringos, united statesians or "tontos americanos" in my namespace to ensure I always get it, lol.I dunno, Masto uses so much time already without getting involved with the shadow slider.

look i dont want to burn bridges here but out of all the breakfast bases waffles are just the most inherently industrial and that makes me want to let u all know not only are boosts to my benefit and so i guess i should too. also all these people out of power in time to ensure we don't all fucking die.

As the first proper Synthwave tv show. The aesthetics and tropes shown are distilled 80s nostalgia. Every character is meant to trip your brain into remembering movies you watched growing up. Synthwave isn't about the most Republican thing that could ever happen, so I'm certain that's what's going to be *so* confused by that shit.

I'm so bad I haven't edited the set from two weeks ago yet and I feel awful about it. I'm going to go hang out with a bunch of miniature goats today and I find JS syntax really lovely for some bizarre reason. The Django ORM is something I've played with and it's definitely not simple. Pony ORM is a silly mascotnormal brain: Gritty is weird and creepy and will get it wrong again.

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