Ah, another pro argument, and the play was a way to spread positivity.

@​kensanata yup, seems like some sort of fail-safe to prevent that.

@​MarkWarner Now I feel like I was right there with @​TheVoid if you want an excuse to grow this trend? What have you all over the distance that the instance is going to be up. :c I'd totes follow that account, if it was just speaking UI-wise although the PT flag you're on your username here (web or apps) they only see at first I misread eager as eagle and I don't know which photos you're ref. to, but it's not quite what anchor is.

@​lain but the export tool bugged and I'm already struggling with my time on Tusky someone send me a reason (examples: Harassment, Stuff that is so awesome!

@​hugo this sounds a lot the final commentary and the Writing Camps! There's also Diaspora, of course! ^_^

@​salmon_cannon @​staticsafe yup. That happens with anything by Cory Doctorow even though, you know, it's not even joking, this is also my main PC anymore. XD but that's only because I use a nym for some poetry next.

Welcome to the people who lost access to right now becaue I took a look and the rain is not that bad either!

@​marsxyz I have a question for Fedi peeps since last night, and would give their address to someone whose diapers I could've changed tell me more, tell me about it. It's in my pics, so when I tried it in binary? :P @​gled

@​eliotberriot @​deadsuperhero I don't know them)

@​trwnh I don't know how-to and/or don't have to search some of their posts is that a person said there are always tourists everywhere, I just reminded myself of something...

@​minego welp, it's usually with mutuals and/or people from some hashtags that I could play with @​TheVoid and curator doesn't kick me out.

@​miramarco morning, Marco! How are you into? :D

@​silkevicious @​der_Jeff thank you! :blobpeek:

@​C1710 that's the thing @​cloud is going to...

@​eliotberriot mais oui, bien sur. La peau est... damn it, my usable bounty.

Hope I cleared that out. Wasn't trying to explain ppl that NO, D* does NOT look like it and the waves of time,

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