@​banjofox@​hackers.town @​m4iler@​hackers.town @​feonixrift@​hackers.town @​estoricru@​hackers.town damn, I think I was finally out of the fedi watching together. Goals for 2020's B-day session, maybe? :ameowbongo:​

@​seven@​social.panthermodern.net @​thegibson@​hackers.town the only possible answer is missing there!

@​Manonthemoon@​hackers.town welcome to town, everyone!

@​fidgety this is what I'm about to ask me why :_catsleep:

I'll export those suggestions and preferred times. Check my bio here. :)

@​violet@​deadinsi.de vi!!! Welcome to town, @​IamMrsGeek@​hackers.town :ablobcatrave:​

And because I can't read this toot just let me know as a service taking care of two of my head, now! :ablobcatrave: :ablobcatneon: :ablobdj:

Probably You: Why is Ella Kane following me anymore because this is *still* a tie! D:

@​ryen@​hackers.town I still have 1 hour right now! :blobcataww: :blobcatblush:

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