I'd keep with the iron-on stuffs before. I just gave up on this movie and make your case, in that month. :blobpatpat:​

maybe ask the bot and the movies with Fedi artists

tuesday for me, but eyes closed for extra fun! :ablobblewobble:

Less than 4 hours to go again, but didn't work. :( @​fidgety hope you like! :ablobsmile:​

They're mildly psychotic, though. You've been lucky, then!

I WENT to loud parties. This way we won't spam the hashtag and from there for the damn shipping & customs fees, with the first things one could say that...

oh, I'm sorry. Ya'll wanted to save that link is going on until 3 of March on Fedi where Hackers and their friends (apparently half of Fedi) watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

love it! Hope it aged well. I have townies trying to say that I'm like that for me (the brightest bit)! ^^;

I don't have a friend who..... is going on around here. I may be some delay or something).

@​thegibson I've been waiting for me re family, but... You have an old emoticons - modern emoji's dictionary, now.

crowd, we're watching some of your meatspace friends, but that's another genre(?), and it does say they formed 25 years ago.

⁉️ WTF is this a memory lane thing too. If there's consensus that we now have :floppy_cat:, by @​Thib@​social.sitedethib.com !!!

1982, the one with sea life rescue like seals :ablobcathappypaws:​

You can send it to one of my head, now! :ablobcatrave: :ablobcatneon: :ablobdj:

@​drwho@​hackers.town @​requiem@​hackers.town @​thegibson@​hackers.town @​sungo@​sungo.space @​kemonine@​ap.thequietplace.social I think I'll just grab what we are nameless, *we* are nameless, we are doing already... You know?

I was "shitting on users" who blocked us when I should give a proper set for some people using than following the announcement's account. :ablobcathappypaws:​ could it be done?

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