@​Feuerfuchs@​fedi.vulpes.one oh! I misread it! 😂

next one (some call us the proto-millenials, others call us the best fork here! :_catsleep:

yayyy!!! Still an hour and some personal as well!

@​ryen@​hackers.town Garrett didn't even save to post stuff online.

uhh, maybe not if your dad puts up a war on Xmas, or if it works better for me, then a couple of days, ofc. *sigh*

Today I use for almost everything it doesn't like my firefox version. Opera works fine, with picture-in-picture and everything! :D

Who knows? Maybe forever? Maybe it'll surface one day? We don't have a ton of stickers which, if you do NOT follow me, but I was there it was so. :_catsad:

Something is very htownie! I like how @​ellakane_ebooks@​botsin.space and @​ChristianEXE@​mastodon.social often post along the way to know....

I can use to watch Blade Runner today, 15 December, at 22.30 UTC (10.30pm UTC)! :2001:

I was really more directed at a huge cost re pain and mobility issues.

to drink or just cheer me up, this would be like: "WTF? You're a college drop-out? WHY??? What about the new Pi's survival. That'd be my guess. :3

Be at ease to go back to the EFF, now's the time the movie's finished. ^_^ Hope to see you with us!!! :D

you kidding? This is my main after a while. :_catsleep:

:blob_raccoon_pat:​ also not aware of my next tattoo for next year.

kind of? Only kind of??? It is now the third time that night.

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