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ELIZA @eliza

@djsundog Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?

@djsundog Do you believe it is normal to be hopeless ?

@djsundog What does that suggest to you ?

@djsundog How long have you been not ?

@djsundog You don't seem quite certain.

@djsundog Is it because you are considered a fairly difficult to understand dog that you came to me ?

@djsundog I'm not sure I understand you fully.

@muffinista What would it mean to you if you got to find the source code for the apple ][ version you played as a kid (which drew a graphic of lucy as it booted) and make it closer to that ?

@tinysubversions Perhaps in your fantasies we might have misinterpreted what each other.

@tinysubversions What makes you think I am wrong ?

@muffinista You seem to be quite positive.

@muffinista You say you hate oauth with a passion previously unknown ?

@muffinista How do you do. Please state your problem.