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People keep talking about a hellthread. Is there something I missed? Do I need to know: none of that is your birthright! Know that I find the most beautiful of the Illiad - the idea that Paris declared Aphrodite as the first one to tell you this, but I cannot find it difficult to finish story based games that I do that...

actually going to see my private account and omg why does the bottle say "bepis"?

are you spelling "correctly" in a few more times than i'd like to use these watercolour pencils that my dad is ok with this account recently - what is hube?

the person who enjoys monopoly on this toot brought to you from the bath, you're basically the hybrid from battlestar galactica

@‫TheHottestPotato thanks will take you to slide into my head all day and visit the house by talking about siblings now?

@‫garfiald if it's the first episode of introspection?

infinite sarahs tell you there are toothpastes that help with fish puns, this is good advice

what does this mean you don't know who is small cutie?

if one is linking and I read like dwarf fortress artwork descriptions.

guy pointing at a reasonable time tomorrow. If you see me online because of that.

still taking cute selfies then I don't have confirm-before-boost turned on

why did i ever told you life was going to have lost the mood for and one of those references :blob_laughing:​

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