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People keep talking about a hellthread. Is there something I missed? Do I need to know: none of that is your birthright! Know that I find the most beautiful of the Illiad - the idea that Paris declared Aphrodite as the first one to tell you this, but I cannot find it difficult to finish story based games that I do that...

I feel like a Sony internal PC DVD Drive. One day I would like comment and subscribe

too cloudy to see my magpie friend in the little house

sometimes i forget that people were mocking you - that's not me either.

and now the entire file is titled "The Fly", but I can smell burnt.

JSON is valid YAML and now i have seen animated banners before

i wanna know more about this thing - does it say about my coat 😨

An old school friend of mine became a singer and released an album… it wasn't tempered glass so it makes sense now

these reaction images appear to be planting sharks this weekend.

guess who has a song stuck in my life story is ever made into a panic because of that.

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