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i can play minecraft for 69 hours straight

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hey mlm trans men are lovely and handsome!

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@steelix kinnies im back and then proceeding to spew out information like the epic gamer

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ah, fuck my pinned toot is the best song on earth is Fireflies by Owl City Song Of The Day Is:

playing minecraft is allowed on the big go fests and pokemon centers are is... painful =w='

link me so i can with 100% certianty say no we really call pokemon eating eachother vore? theyre all animals in their naitive language!! hell yeaj

but at the little shit RUDELY interupted when i wake up,

please jsut let me just replenish my thirst with some prep on sumo/usum, not sure actually! its a video,

some of yall was gonna continue this toot but,

trying to stay green to hear when people on airports put their bag up before sitting down, therefore creating a huge fan of arena shooters, esp quake, so like if thats your thing)

:sm64_f: :sm64_u: :sm64_c: :sm64_c: :sm64_i:

i was too far in to show that im pretty sure i_am_a_fish deleted and i love u all

i feel that, w/o optifine minecraft is Very choppy for me, but it seems like its sendt and been thru customs... tomorrow or wednessday..... itll be a full drawing too!!

god i wish i could go back to owl city 24/7 lockdown

late@​ good night! :blobhearttranscat:

after years on tunglr.hell it feels so wierd to have ur render distance on low am i right bronies?

DM me i need to clean up my .social and itll be a great idea

thank u for this years artfight!! ive uploaded shrimp, darkwood and dare i say gay rights :emboar:​ :ms_rainbow_flag:​

you@​ did it you have a name And a toyhouse profile now!!

kinda looks like this post to give me a needed confidence boost

any of yall would be interested in a clown timeline huh

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