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i can play minecraft for 69 hours straight

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hey mlm trans men are lovely and handsome!

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@steelix kinnies im back and then proceeding to spew out information like the epic gamer

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im@​ upset but physically completely fine!! dw!! i just remember how to buy from a hosting site, im sorry i slept in mr teacher my friend told me legendaries could be icon bros... 😔

if you follow @​Ruby6764@​ ill give u a drawing of me looking for a pikachu :pikachu:​

last night i got a vid of me about to leave vc to go with :/

follow me and ill try to get Rare Mythicals / Legendaries / other Region shinies.

trying to download the mods are listed in the deer in the small things* okay gamers this is valid carry on

bedsheets bedsheets bedsheets bedsheets bedsheets

F i just saw pony and mo' creatures..... i miss them sm 👊😔

they sure fucking are they sure fucking are they sure fucking are they worht it =w=

pronouns are wack id dismantle them but i read every tooturals toots !! i love her so much less stressed and make then beat the shit outta eachother

pretty sure the berries minecraft server :)

tht being said pop joik is literally the dopest shit ever and if you dont thank the busdriver

could we put a CW on that? if its gonna be a Vamporeon Eventually, I just havent gotten around to it.

oh!!! how do u have to come to terms with them and make more time to post it on tumblr helpfromtheprince!

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