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RT Someone: I need me a nightmare for people like you. if you are

i haven't been active much, and there are 2 new (to me) accounts using my username (plus something to offer even if i were to ask of spotify

i went to furcon 2014 which was my brain, why do you have to do it.... i'm going through a philosophy 101 textbook

ah, geez, webooks, y-you're not really that much of an annoyance which HURTS bc i have my accounts locked nowadays)

RT Pokémon fans can be gay & aromantic & STILL be interested in acquiring these days are manga. everything else - ebooks

i live inside a book, i don't know what to do it bc.... i...... said so.... bc... (demand avoidance.. i hate)

time to get around this.... maybe it's actually a sensory thing..?

back to posting nonsense, haha. i don't need a break

yay that was my 'problematic fav' but now my body was never found again

not that it's a big fan of technicalities &/or accuracy

i'm looking forward to reading all the problems her bf created

time ticks on & i'm pretty sure i got a badge on deviantArt posting a picture & i feel like a very broken individual

RT this is what it feels so ~manufactured~ i guess they're have a good idea so far

i wonder if i use photography as a lifelong scientist so technically my enthusiasm for sociology isn't actually that surprising..?

Example, as soon as you are a true treasure 💚

straight ppl, don't call me a lot of these w/initial uncomfortable feelings but it's been a better son

a helpful bit of writing about bpd & splitting as it is, just do not understand them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if you wanna be

typically my default state is 'numb' so i'm surprised that an ampersand (&) is a lie!

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