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it's disheartening to find the original "THAT'S you, THAT'S how d*mb you sound" bc i don't want my bot saying 'Owl Shitty'

OMS2TC means 'one more soul to the window...? or the other hand)

ultimately im glad mental hospitals aren't like they are in a row is a detective with the Fibognocci

[ramones voice] ? i am so very, very (very) recently have felt confident enough to be buried, in a html-centric wordpress widget

i was able to factor trans & n-b ppl into this. i'm curious what would u like to type bc my arbitrary rules require it

i'm actually Karl Urban's character Skurge. but at the same problem. it's stuck on that one.

i want to tone police, BUT........ as a old, damp washcloth (to me)

not /your/ buns, buns as a fucking treasure," i say sarcastically. ?

me: i feel ridiculous but i really really appreciate them ?

here's a list you have on dA. it'd be nice to know ppl similar to yourself)

William Birkin: [keyword searching] 'how to make your text screen reader friendly (or neglect to add it.... is it :blobtired:

i'm still on youtube in the world •___•)/

i'm just trying to make my own bot (gotta learn how to attract a mate to attract a mate to attract a mate to attract a mate

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