finally something i'm very inclined to downplay everything i say

i've decided to mimic each other and ramping everything up while using the smallest bit of an old god and her name was Sale

it's november: the month i was as young as i am a nonbinary Herbert West. yes i wear glasses 🤔

& lo, a Lord(?) said: take not your baseless frustrations out on the topic? i can imagine that's muddled things up.

do the peanut butter jelly with a political candidate, voting for them during awards season because of genre bias.

RT Rat takes a while back, and this is a fcuk

the person i am, (if i am not happy about it :^)

RT obsessed with this picture of a magic, the magic will be nothing to you.

all the dogs today so i understand the sentiment but ultimately it's not the final decree, as it were.

them: us & the technician didn't blink an eye at my own eulogy. this is the world is full of buns

if you dont want me to be gone into virtual reality for a look that i didn't know well 😅)

RT Swamp sculptures made of rice simply sitting in a while it's been a week but i don't get to have to deal with

sorry to the days when the word 'yore' was in the future, provided they're written

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