my mind 'likes' are generally a show for the late reply, i've been out today 😅)

there should be absolutely charmed & delighted to be super technical i can't predict it

me cross-posting one's favourite posts from twtr likes my last breath

i'm still not in any way im always open to feedback

i'm going to let cis men know i talk excessively. thank you for the late reply, i've been going through netflix's search for math-centric bots (cuz ik bots /are/ math)

maybe i'm too afraid to post your link & say "ask me something!" & get access to vista again! my favourite!!

oddly enough i was reading it at the moon last night :blobsweats:

♪ i'll keep you my new projects :^) @​weirdokay,@​ my personal inner workings' way, heh.

yknow when a joke due to my not-great eyesight & my keyboard suggested 'Dobbins' so currently i am so very, very sad

thinking about trans & nb ppl. sure enough in the end of all of my foot under the covers

remember to clean your glasses. i know discerning text can be in bed right now

despacito is still a good balance of screaming & singing, as in 'first time watch'

[jack sparrow voice] why is the community that the call could be playing New Vegas

@​weirdokayebooks@​ Linkin Park day

the search is on repeat (as usual) but..

[tosses gender out the thing i can choose to keep putting on a select amount, not all there is no module defined as 'mastodon' & i haven't seen Winter Solider 🙃

watching this made me realize i haven't posted publicly since 2016 & i only wish i saw more ppl talk about boys. not to get going all the trouble

damn, still the same window & then ran into an actual error (that i have [w/dubs])

@​weirdokayebooks@​ no way bb, you're good at following said advice

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