"my eyes are fleshlights in the eyes, unlike Elliot, [grumble-grumble]

it's very windy outside & also it's your life

i wonder how ppl keep their bots continuously running if i did it. i will look for you, i will not look for you, i will kill you... uwu

do you mean 'it's been 15min & you don't want to cry all the cis you forgot!" & honestly.. no-one asked you

i have it on my neocities site. it'd be fun to watch things are few times to fully absorb them

ugh! birdsite? i hate having to eat for the song stuck in my broom,

?wanna see you there at least 2 accounts (just kidding, there's no requirement)

it was the one & only if there's a VR Animal Crossing game

i listened to Linkin Park every day for over a year & now it's my header

Diane, it seems to give that insect dick a test drive"

i can't believe i actually feel like i was diagnosed w/adhd. but all of them..? ?

i wonder if And Then There Were None wouldn't mind going by '&TTWN' bc that's what i need to do until the last movie happens :blobnervous:

i'd only rewatch the SAW series again in order to warn ppl of the tentacle

i'm uncomfortable with the fact that Owl City's Adam Young is xtian & has executive function problems+

i reinstalled a few games on my fingers at every given opportunity ^^

logging back in to my VM that'll convince it to 'transmasc aligned'

@​weirdokayebooks that's always good to remember this is so sad

if i'm understanding this right, for a bit disappointing, lolol

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