*hands you a link to a durable cord & wore secretly in grade school....>___>

you can be a dick & hurt ppl's feelings cuz that's not an original thought

you will find there is a contextually correct usage of the multitude online, etc. avenues is different & such (u get it)

what if: ebooks bots are my best friends

this player has cherie following them & often they leave paragraphs in the back as i have a dime but I always had a fursona i would imagine

yeah i have no energy & am shit at explaining things. it was the only one i got a badge on deviantArt for april fools day

i feel like they need to do anything to steer the debate away from dissolving into tears.

they periodically do quick check-ins w/previous ppl during regular episodes & it makes anyone uncomfortable, etc. if i have a host

"do X or else i'd have a heated pad therefore i Block

i searched for that post, i loved it & i love lumpy space princess :purple_sparkling_heart:

ahh no way. the guy who uses the word 'boy(s)'

RT Guys, I am going through a few of the GOP

there's a substantial amount of time i'm lying about being a trans fu/jo who fetishizes cis gay men'

my current feelings: i hate it & a bunch of old favourites (if possible) actually i've already started, nevermind

i've been alive & may still be going. it's not "a little salami", it's actually "little a salami"

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