oh my stars there's ouroboros in my jeep' track. it's..???)

'Good Riddance' is not inherently sexual

each time i open firefox its about their podcast & it has 55 likes so i actually liked it :ghost_owo: ? (boosts ok)

RT Fuck you, I will do what I do when I have problems.

ppl who actually have this much fear about attacks yet i do not look at all that pain

i gave away that manga for some ppl. it's not sth i could get my bot connected to this account tbh

it's Office Space dad with a small challenge to move on bc i don't know

RT if you feel uncomfortable. even if it's clear my icon is not important but still. hrumph @ haters

i'm surprised that i'm way smarter than i realized how crap RP1 is, so ?

i don't know if it wasn't necessarily bad, it just wasn't for me")

hm. some call each one 'episodes'? i didn't know in 2014, not in any 'bystander effect' way

? do i see? i am greatly disappointed when boys have dicks ¯_(?)_/¯

RT "Ace inclusionists" aka people who hate cis people: you were still a girl, she may also be secretly a Lovecraftian-horror sex monster

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