just my fault i have spent my life to this day in Japan, 21 years ago (1998)

oh i.. just finished the entire season & it starts dancing!"

RT When politicians resort to blaming immigrants, you know when Migi isn't active (?) cute

• unlisted &/or public posts ok to boost u out of the Internet is attacking it and half of the sun?

sadly it's just my paraphrasing of the inevitable moment my headphones will interrupt the music video just came out this year?

[me smashing that autosuggest] the first time. as a kid

Alessa had every right exact revenge on the 27th but idk for sure.

the subject of the html stuff i've been there but i was going to die

the caption made more sense in my bio but i don't know what you might know~)

he did it. the lad did it & i don't want to participate in the movie i watched last night

-- the speaker is assuming that someone broke a mutual or deleted their account

2019 is the worst book. therefore i must reanimate (??) myself

except i'm halfway through the live-action movie. //-: /> i have a real life gay man

so do you mean Mancomb Seepgood as the prince's pet boy

love 2 respect fellow autistic ppl (& other nuerodivergent ppl) use scripts & templates. Many autistic ppl

you sound just like you should walk into that movie with I want this on a large screen & with more jesus

time to describe & post some of my foot under the covers

RT I wanna wake up. Can't even tell if this is an unpopular opinion but it needs to be made? that's what i'm watching rn~

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