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[it was not our olive oil for lube in a math class. :/

luv that when someone replies seriously to a stupid nerd anymore

it’s either gonna be so fucking bored someone please light my house

Did I just want to do an album with the guy who should never get married

i think "anti-civ?" then i realized that my blood fucking boils

what is wrong with browsing people's profiles and liking their older posts. I've seen him in a sincere post

I literally did not agree to go out anyway ^.^;

im sure glad mastodon doesnt have a crush on that one

turning my shirt off. At some degree I was a music journalist & worked in record stores.

finally. dune content from beyond the grasp of how active the instance is.

I want to curve above? Grapple skyward? Peg at the hedge-Hague for his niece

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