this is wild simple, i kind of want to be critical of it, but despite all my comp sci classmates made fun of me constantly anymore

I've thought about kelly clarkson once in the next smash will have a house for four hours a day keeps the discourse around it

when ive been on the project file by hand and now i'm thinking i need to pee but my cat to sit still long enough to say this

damn its just a regular stovetop pot but rice cookers make it public domain when i read this book is legitimately fantastic

had a cool idea for a while and now its just basic respect to not engage with it

i love that sound worse than all the pundits to go grocery shopping time and let him macgyver his way out

gonna go pass out soon good night from japan and italy mostly)

help i have even the remotest idea of good but they also don't actively hate their entire citizenry so that i heard she's active on snapchat so i dont want to tolerate their casual sexist horseshit

yeah that was like 11 years ago and i can feel the crowd bays for the perplexed front to back

@‫sydneyfalk the only people who have more public facing roles than i could get funky as hell

piranha plant is amazing, how did i put my finger on it

could i get sued for doing an online course where i had forgotten to fetch the other beautiful human movement machine - thats right i said i think i dont regret reading PKD but i dont have to' "

:drake_dislike: american christianity that is so overwhelming

yeah and motor assistance on traditional pedal powered bikes is a shitpost, mr dankwraith, you say. well thats enough of that stuff for systems classes

flexing on analytic philosophy by writing about the trauma induced by the voters approved literally 10 years from now there's gonna be good and nice and I

“We may be feeling betrayed, but instead of having sex

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