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You spot a diabolic chanting wizard's staff! It has a strange accent and it only does embarrassingly rude limericks.

The treasure vault contains a silk shoe that used to belong to a ghoul. When you wear it it's fairly uncomfortable.

While looting the tomb you find a mysterious bronze great-sword. It feels heavier than you'd expect and once belonged to a skeleton.

A mysterious figure hands you a magical wand which can grant you resistance to lightning but it only works if you're singing.

The sarcophagus is empty except for a weird decaying wood short sword. It is haunted by a lonely spectre. It's worthless.

The treasure vault contains a curious brass spear. It's adorned with engravings of a siege.

You locate a scroll; it's a bit smudged but you can just about decipher the spell Dispel Bees.

In the kelpie's backpack is a terracotta bracer. It's engraved with an image of a spider battling a minotaur.

The Druid warlord rewards you with an enchanted polyethylene harp. It keeps reappearing in your pack whenever you try and get rid of it and once belonged to a pixie.

Deep in a dungeon, you discover a scroll; you attempt to translate it, and discover it's the spell Illusory Voles.

You lay your hands on the notorious pickaxe Deathcutter, which was once used to decapitate an ant.

The ancient urn contains an eerie glass earring. It's decorated with skulls of poorly made metal.

From under the counter, the shopkeeper produces a diabolic axe. It appears to be able to hypnotise ravens and once belonged to a goblin.

The Senior Vice President Of Gnolls rewards you with a ripped scroll that seems to be inscribed with the spell Power Word: Bees.

On the gnoll's corpse you find the well-known throwing knife Thunderbiter, which was once used to kill an ettin.

In the old crate you find a tanned hide pair of trousers. It glimmers with armoured segments of clumsily crafted stone. It's worthless.

You are bestowed with an obsidian mace. It threatens with skulls of high quality mahogany.

You smash the urn and discover the fabled wizard's staff Darkscepter which can summon a ghost but it only works when it's raining.

In the dragon's hoard, you find a scroll; your Elven is rusty but you think it's the spell Animate Starfish.

A dæmon summons a shiny mithril wand which can duplicate itself but gives you a mild rash when you use it.

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