Your searching yields the renowned spear Khazcarver, which once decapitated a dog.

You recover an uncanny stone pendant. It's engraved with an image of an owlbear battling a demon. It's worth in the region of 24 copper.

The cupboard contains a soggy scroll that seems to be inscribed with the spell Prismatic Rain.

The minotaur was carrying a highly polished sapphire staff which can summon a ghost but it only works if you're singing.

You lay your hands on a scroll; you attempt to translate it, and discover it's the spell Dispel Wasps. But... the words writhe under your gaze. Now it says 'Finger of Sparrows'!

A wizard conjures up an enchanted humming bracer! It has a thick Jermal accent and it only sings rude songs.

You lay your hands on a shiny leather necklace. It is possessed by the psychic energy of a dead zombie.

You spot a tatty scroll that seems to be inscribed with the spell Wall of Starfish. Someone's doodled a siege in the margin.

You open the barrel and see an uncanny copper cup. It makes you unable to speak unless someone else is already talking and once belonged to a skeleton.

In the old urn you find the infamous warlock's staff Drnrod which can banish owlbears but it only works indoors.

You spot a bone glaive. It's adorned with engravings of a fortress. It's worth a lot.

You pilfer an ensorcelled ballad-singing goblet! It has a Mezian accent and it sings discordant notes that put you on edge.

You pilfer a magical coughing cup! It has a Bloadian accent and it won't stop talking about politics.

The treasure vault contains the legendary wand Chaoswand which can cause paladins to laugh but only within a seven-metre radius.

A wizard conjures up a diabolic ballad-singing crown! It has a Parzian accent and it sings songs that give you terrible nightmares.

You manage to steal the famous wand Scepter of Blood which can alter the appearance of your eyes but only on Thursdays.

At the back of the mysterious shop, you spy an ensorcelled wand which can summon a spirit but only on Wednesdays.

The crate contains a scroll; it's a bit dog-eared but you can just about decipher the spell Summon Hair. But... the words writhe under your gaze. Now it says 'Charm Cats'!

Under the mold you discover an enchanted talking warhammer! It has a devilish accent and it laughs manically whenever you injure someone using it.

Garfield the Deals Warlock offers you an enchanted spade. It feels heavier than you'd expect and once belonged to a dracula.

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