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You are rewarded with the famous wizard's staff Firedestiny, which once defeated a gnoll.

In the charred wreckage of the mad wizard's lab, you find an unusual cardboard bracer. It is possessed by the psychic energy of a dead wraith.

The treasure chest contains a shiny aluminium maul. It's engraved with an image of a bugbear battling a druid.

You stumble upon the well-known wizard's staff Scepter of Flame which allows you to detect sparrows but only underwater.

Garfield the Deals Warlock offers you an unearthly leather bastard sword. It can heal minor wounds, like papercuts, and once belonged to a paladin.

A wizard conjures up the renowned staff Staff of Chaos which can grant you resistance to air but makes your skin unbearably itchy when used.

A mysterious figure hands you an ensorcelled quartz staff which can summon a psychic energy but it only works outdoors.

In the charred wreckage of the mad wizard's lab, you find an ensorcelled mumbling quarterstaff! It has a northern accent and it keeps complaining.

In the beholder's backpack is a magical wand which can duplicate itself but it only works when it's raining.

The basilisk was carrying an ensorcelled muttering wizard's staff! It has a Mezian accent and it laughs manically whenever you injure someone using it.

The ancient urn contains a tanned hide breastplate. It glints with skulls of handcrafted dragon-glass. It's worth 74 copper, give or take.

You uncover an unusual dragon-glass staff which can duplicate itself but makes you think you've turned into an wombat (you haven't).

You lay your hands on a highly polished cardboard gauntlet. It seems to make you increasingly ill the longer you hold it and once belonged to a skeleton.

You smash the urn and discover a woollen helm that used to belong to a minotaur. When you wear it it chafes.

The treasure vault contains an ensorcelled dragon-glass warlock's staff which changes the volume of your voice but frequently gets too hot or cold to handle.

You come across a rusty diamond staff. It's engraved with an image of an owlbear battling an ettin.

In the dragon's hoard, you find a strange uranium staff which allows you to charm skeletons but makes you think you're immune to physical harm (you're not).

On the bugbear's corpse you find a woollen sandal that used to belong to a basilisk. When you wear it you hear whispering.

You uncover an enchanted yodelling sword! It has an unsettling accent and it sings songs that give you terrible nightmares.

A wizard conjures up an enchanted clay bracer. It is uncomfortably hot to the touch and once belonged to a dæmon.

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