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Here's a map of all of our live locations (subject to change): duckduckgo.com/billboards

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While posting pictures on a personal Facebook account might seem innocent, "it’s still something that can have pretty far-reaching implications in the non-personal realm."

This Netherlands ruling sets a necessary precedent for protecting minors online.


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Germany’s highest court has declared that “privacy rights enshrined in Germany’s Constitution extend to foreigners living abroad and cover their online data," reports @meddynyt. 👏


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A @vivaldibrowser survey shows search engine privacy & neutrality are very important to over 80% of users.

Our search is always private with no filter bubble, + Vivaldi is using our Tracker Radar to further protect your privacy: spreadprivacy.com/duckduckgo-t

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A data breach of millions of people had private info about where they've been, where people met, their social media sites, & more. @_andrew_griffin says the data's origin is so far a mystery.

Check HaveIBeenPwned.com to see if your data was leaked.


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People are acting on their privacy concerns globally — not just in the US & EU. A new study shows Brazilians are growing more concerned: 74% tried removing personal data online & 96% of believe companies don't do enough to protect their personal info.


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Be aware of the apps your kids use & how their data is being handled.

“For years, TikTok ignored the children’s privacy law, thereby ensnaring perhaps millions of underage children in its marketing apparatus, & putting them at risk of sexual predation.”


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Google's search preference menu for Android in the EU is an auction with only 4 options. This creates false scarcity to boost its revenue and depress competition. A much better way to give consumers choice is to allow unlimited options, for free. (1/6)


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Our DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials browser extension packs tracker blocking, website encryption & private search in one download. And now, it's also recommended by Mozilla — thanks @firefox! addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

Available for Safari and Chrome, too: duckduckgo.com/app

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Your online activity should not be under constant surveillance. We're proud to sign this letter in support of protecting search and browsing history twitter.com/ACLU/status/126217

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When coronavirus contact-tracing apps become widely available, do you plan to install one?

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Phone-based scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and hard for even experts to detect.

If you get a call from a financial institution, the best defense is to hang up and call them back, using a number you look up yourself online.


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People often ask how we make money, so…

When you use our private search engine, you sometimes get contextual ads based on a results page and not on any history/profile info (which we don’t have).

It's a myth that you cannot be profitable AND private.


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Public health apps, e.g. for coronavirus, can only work if people trust them, and that trust has to be built on well-thought-out safeguards.

Now is "a crucial time to decide what standards to have in place on how our data is handled," reports @alfredwkng.

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What do Spotify, Venmo, Tinder, TikTok & DoorDash have in common?

Their apps all crashed last week because they send data to Facebook, and Facebook had a bug!

Since tracking code is in so many apps, we strongly recommend deleting apps you rarely use.


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With more people working from home, more employers are invasively monitoring employees. It doesn't have to be this way. Our organization has been 100% remote for a decade without any monitoring. It's all about trust.


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Before buying old phones, check if they can be updated with the latest privacy & security enhancements. Support can be short-lived for Android in particular.

@Batteryhq explains the risks and, if you can't use a newer phone, how to protect yourself.


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Clearview AI (yes, them again) are now pitching their facial recognition technology to track people with coronavirus.

Having your identity linked with your location & health records, without oversight, is a huge risk that cannot easily be undone.


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"All the new coronavirus protocols that companies are considering for their workers and customers – from contact tracing and temperature-taking to heat mapping and 'immunity passports' – have privacy and civil liberties implications." — @jenniferkingson

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