Dark Patterns are unethical by design, aimed at tricking you into giving away your data, and ultimately stealing your freedom to choose privacy.

Can you spot one when you see one? Take this quiz from @alfredwkng & @sammorrisdesign to find out:

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@duckduckgo this happened to me two days ago. I wanted to use a service, and wanted to use it just once, but the only way to use it was to sign up for a 30 days free trial. I remember that I ended the trial the very next day, just to avoid that I forget about it and will be billed.
Two days ago I received the notification that I paid 10 dollars to a service I completely forgot about having used.

@duckduckgo I visited the site and discover that, in order to end my membership, I had to go through several confirmation pages, rather than stop after I click "delete membership" just once. There were 3 or 4 pages of "we have received your request" and, in a smaller font,"are you sure? confirm / cancel"
Three or four pages like this. How many people will think it's over and done after the first page?
Lucky I have got a refund in the end, but it's been a very bad experience

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