"TikTok only needs one important piece of information to figure out what you want: the amount of time you linger over a piece of content. Every second you hesitate or rewatch, the app is tracking you."


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QR codes grew in prevalence during the last 18-months, & privacy experts are concerned, reports @erinkwoo.

“People don’t understand that when you use a QR code, it inserts the entire apparatus of online tracking between you & your meal."


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ICYMI: 70% of emails contain creepy trackers — DuckDuckGo Email Protection is here to help.

Sign up for the private waitlist for the beta version through the settings menu in our mobile app: duckduckgo.com/app

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A German hacker spent a year reclaiming his face from Clearview AI — a huge database of identified faces trawled from the internet. The difficulty he endured lead him to create a campaign to ban biometric mass surveillance.


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"This is about a structural failure that allows real-time data on Americans’ movements to exist in the first place and to be used without our knowledge or true consent." — @ShiraOvide on location data 👏👏👏


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Buyer beware. @mikka__ella reports on how AI toys can put children's data privacy at risk, including:

• Recording conversations with kids & parents
• Creating profiles on kids
• Sharing the data with third-party companies


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"Tech companies have exploited for far too long users’ & lawmakers’ indifference to a market devised by them that optimizes for ever-greater data collection..."

@GregBensinger on the "regulatory apathy" surrounding privacy: nytimes.com/2021/07/13/opinion

We're hopeful it's changing.

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In less than a week, over 100k people have joined the private waitlist for DuckDuckGo Email Protection. We're letting people off in the order they signed up, so get your place in line now!

Here's how to sign up: spreadprivacy.com/introducing-

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This month @jaredpolis signed the Colorado Privacy Act into law, making CO the 3rd US state with a general consumer privacy law.

Track privacy legislation updates across the US here: iapp.org/resources/article/us-

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Not only is our globally-distributed team fully remote, but we allow for what @Lhilgers defines as "flextime", meaning team members have flexibility to set working hours: linkedin.com/business/talent/b

Intrigued? Check out our open roles: duckduckgo.com/hiring

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Calling all students & parents: let's end invasive e-proctoring today!

"This experimental tech can grant access to all corners of students’ computers, gather biometric data, & use false science to decide if students are cheating."

Sign the petition: baneproctoring.com/

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"Anyone who has a phone & has installed an app that has ads, currently is at risk of being de-anonymized via unscrupulous companies."

@josephfcox digs into an industry dedicated entirely to connecting unique ID's with real people's identities.


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NYC resident/visitor? A new biometric privacy law is in effect, requiring businesses that collect biometric info, e.g., facial recognition & fingerprints, to clearly alert customers at their doors, explaining how their data will be collected.


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Today we're announcing the beta release of DuckDuckGo Email Protection! Get a free Duck Address, and we'll forward emails to your current inbox after zapping hidden trackers and protecting your current email address.

That's privacy, simplified.


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Sign up for the private waitlist through the settings menu in our mobile app. Choose your own Duck email address (you@duck.com) and start giving it out. It's that easy!

We forward emails to your regular inbox after removing hidden trackers we find. Same inbox, more privacy.

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The DuckDuckGo app and extension provide easy access to your Duck email address when browsing the web and also give you the option to automatically generate new private Duck addresses on demand — especially for those sites you think might spam you or share your address.

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We believe reading email should be a private activity. 70% of emails contain creepy trackers & can detect when you opened a message, where you were, & what device you were using!

Email Protection helps block these trackers so you can read your email with peace of mind.

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The CA AG's office is requiring companies to honor Global Privacy Control (GPC) opt-out requests. We're glad to see the AG act to ensure your privacy rights are protected.

Download our app/ext, which enables GPC by default: duckduckgo.com/app

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