"Your phone's the ideal tool for advertisers & data brokers — collecting your info & serving you ads based on it. This is usually done through software development kits (SDKs)."

@SaraMorrison on how this works & how to minimize SDK tracking: vox.com/recode/2020/7/8/213115

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In addition to accusations of breaking children's privacy laws that we shared a few weeks ago, TikTok has now been caught repeatedly copying the contents of your phone clipboard.

Time to decide whether the privacy risks are worth it.
Our opinion: no.


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As businesses shift online due to COVID-19, they face new privacy risks. @cillian provides simple steps to compliance:

• Understand how vendors/partners use customer data
• Have a clear privacy policy
• Elect a Data Protection Officer (DPO)


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"Be honest—have you ever read a privacy disclosure? Even once?" asks @SenSherrodBrown. "Privacy is a civil right. But corporations force you to sign it away every day."

His U.S. bill proposes taking the burden away from consumers & moving it to companies: wired.com/story/privacy-isnt-a

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Before seeing a doctor in the pandemic, understand there are privacy concerns.

"[Relaxed HIPPA regulations in the US] mean health care providers can experiment w/telehealth, & business associates work more closely w/health authorities, w/much less risk."


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Registered voter in the UK? @OpenRightsGroup can help determine what data political parties gather about your social status, family life, & religious and political views.

"You have the legal right to see the personal data political parties hold on you."


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Experts weigh in on how tech can be used for good: “Historically we have mastered technologies – so I am optimistic we can do this, too... innovation can make significant positive changes... Maybe DuckDuckGo & Firefox can show the way," says @acpowell3.


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Wishing a very happy 13th birthday to our favorite DuckDuckGo super fan, Connor! Not only does he have great taste in cakes, but we hear he's been protecting his family's privacy online by downloading DuckDuckGo on their devices.

You rock, Connor!

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From CCPA in the United States to New Zealand’s recent amendments to its Privacy Act, governments are continuing to put regulations in place to ensure privacy as an fundamental right. 👏👏


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"Mr. Williams’s case combines flawed technology with poor police work, illustrating how facial recognition can go awry," @kashhill reports.


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"Google and Fitbit need the European Commission’s approval before they can merge" so Privacy International has put forth this petition to demand the merger, which would give Google access to Fitbit user health data, is blocked.

Sign here: action.privacyinternational.or

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For those in the US celebrating July 4th, consider declaring your independence from online tracking and the harms it brings (filter bubbles, discrimination, manipulation, etc.).

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Facebook allows users to opt-out of political ads, but "the absence of [real] transparency in the context of increasingly data-driven elections concerns users & democracy alike. [This solution] does nothing about the targeting itself," says @privacyint.


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RT from Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) (@internetfreedom)

We have written to @DoT_India on the blocking of the privacy respecting search engine @duckduckgo in India which has been inaccessible since July 1, 2020.



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So what you're saying is, after 18 months you've mined all the profit you can out of your users' data, which is the real heart of what you do.


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Are you fed up with companies selling your personal data for profit? Are you a resident of California? If you answered yes to these questions then today is a good day. Starting today, CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) starts being enforced. bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2

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To our users in India: We’ve received many reports our search engine is unreachable by much of India right now and have confirmed it is not due to us. We're actively talking to Internet providers to get to the bottom of it ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

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Due to pressure from members of Congress & the public, Zoom will make end-to-end encryption available to ALL users, free & paid. 🙌

Look out for app updates & one-time opt in details, coming soon: blog.zoom.us/wordpress/

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Attending a protest? Protect your data: theverge.com/21276979/phone-pr

"Companies can even sell [demographic data from protesters' cellphones] to the govt, which can use it for law & immigration enforcement," & there is no federal regulation stopping them.


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"[COVID-19] testing raises novel privacy issues bc of the scale of the data collection, the non-traditional methods & reasons for its collection, & the benefits & risks to sharing the data widely," says @PrivacyPros.

Privacy questions we should be asking: iapp.org/news/a/privacy-questi

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