The shouting minotaur offers to exchange a nose ring wrapped in cloth of gold for your battered glass pike.

You have just enough gold to buy the crude Elven bow wrapped in used bandages.

You trade your damp collar of madness for a mighty greater book of strength.

The chest opens to reveal a crude Elven axe wrapped in string.

You trade your brand new enchanted token wrapped in vellum for a salty hat wrapped in illegible torn pages.

The manticore seizes your worn silver shield and flees.

On the corpse of the cat person, you find a stained mithril collar.

Suddenly, a shadow creature blocks your path, a brand new candlestick of levitation in one hand, a mighty hat wrapped in cloth of gold in the other.

The chest opens to reveal an ancient rod.

You trade your filthy book of the Crow for a tiny ring wrapped in sacking.

You trade your ancient mithril amulet wrapped in leather for a graven girdle of the Light.

The golem drops a mighty skirt of despair at your feet.

On the corpse of the construct, you find a Dwarvish snowglobe of the Mountain.

As you lift the gilded trident of youth, you hear shouting close by.

Among the debris, you spot a brand new gilded book of the Crow.

Chattering in a language unknown to you, an angry monster gestures at your cowl of youth.

On the corpse of the merchant, you find a salty collar wrapped in used bandages.

As you lift the ancient shield of madness, you hear growling close by.

Muttering in a language unknown to you, a talking dog gesticulates at your shiny ornate candlestick wrapped in leather.

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