Among the debris, you spot a kilt wrapped in ribbons.

The muttering fuzzy creature offers to exchange a candlestick wrapped in string for your mithril nose ring wrapped in sacking.

You have just enough gold to buy the tiny token wrapped in ribbons.

You lift a loose slab and find an enormous pike.

Among the debris, you spot a light box of knowledge.

You lift a loose slab and find a pike of the Lion.

You lift a loose slab and find a hardened staff.

You find a stained glass candlestick of freezing.

The penguin flees, dropping a hardened graven spear wrapped in vellum.

The chest opens to reveal a perfect jewelled nose ring wrapped in torn strips of tapestry.

You trade your grimy kilt for a bloodstained gauntlet of Wind.

You pick up a worn rainbow-hued ring wrapped in sacking.

The construct flees, dropping a legendary hood of the Forest.

The giant flees, dropping a bloodstained mask.

The secretive vampire gives you a gilded flail of darkness.

You stumble upon an ornate hood wrapped in sacking.

You stumble upon an orb wrapped in leather.

Laughing in a language unknown to you, a tiny mage paws at your iron kilt of confusion.

The halfling drops a broken glowing sceptre at your feet.

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