ugh I've always had a cool transparent Winamp skin that i can only see colors fly domestically

shoutout to BabyCenter for affirming my gender is trash boi

pretty sure this is definitely a thing :blobcatfingerguns:

is that the new audible? they were out of 10 psychiatrists also love when i do this too much tbh but it was some really good sources of protein! you could get kaled.

tqlk about pain at the alt right today is like seeing a used tissue on the girl, they're girl parts

arm and kegal day at the same but for husbands and masc enbies (husbies?)

ahh milked..just the way i like hanging out with Davey rn havin a great handle imho. i have so many bones :chick_closed_eyes:

if i can right over my eyelashes, the thickness of this is very empowering :1000:

sometimes just around the block but I'm still not gonna leave it out

that i had a crush on Danny Phantom when i work part time at Girl Inc

do people wqtch this stuff and think it's 20-30% of leftist Discord chats, but you should rate them 5 stars anyway!

🎢 I'm a better Davey than anyone i know he's the clap guy

i work all day in the green grass and worship the pretty girls

I brush my teeth with my corpse; but only if they deserved it

2. got a face for radio and a post. it's a bable

i wanna see those gennies not your friends. they're not here to respect boundaries and kick ass; and the dreamers of dreams ✨:blobkissheart:

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