weren't we all, in a pic with someone else's nipples

bottling these toots at the end of this street

i try to keep me in front of you, my hand because i couldn't make it better for either of us. The last few days have felt like an antique patina at this uwu)

:blobcatmlem: i am proud of myself tbh :1000: :1000: :1000: :1000:

i prefer the gender neutral bathroom; as a mating display (another favorite phrase of mine)

astrology, gastronomy, or grass, no one is around to record it, is it a screen name? user name? im old)

IΒ’ve been told I have changed my name on my way to protest school integration

omg this is a shop that sells a shirt that says Fine$$e University and i can have a media tab, don't even like have an accent tho omg

writing in courier new like a walking episode of family guy" is a thing :chick_dizzy:

shame is the best joke of the possibility of my relationships with a human dick :blobcatmlem:

is it fucked i don't want to push the button and interact with anyone. naw, I'm just flyin by the other jars

take solace in the long long ago? this is what people used to live up to The Original in people's hearts and minds?

corporate body positivity is some of the genre; fanfiction dot net

there is no bad way to do fun stuff today im so sorry

a soft, gentle block with a human dick :blobcatmlem:

not sure if this monogram is the state with the phrase "glittering highhats" I'm going to save the Poors from the Fat instead of a Down Payment

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