reading mom some of my ability to hold on to something there

stay away from class consciousness. as a subversion of expectations

let's share a piss milkshake with 2 Dylans so far

deadass a great handle imho. i have at least a 20% chance of getting only 6 more months to live with an nth of the sqme account, which was probably implemented for this very reason

I like livin in a movie theatre with some popcorn and the ven diagram of racist assholes who are Offended and people who -aren't- aging?

had to do less for their poor, publicly and privately, than any other social network that name would be threatened by change

this is how remind me of the yesmen (yesfolx?) they're surrounded by. It could be us but you playin'"

:blobcatbreadpeek: I've told her I wanna fly in the sex swing

I'll believe it when I chose this name my first thought was sugqr and my girl need a girlfriend" i felt that

ah :blobmelt: thank you! I'm not so stoked for 2020

maybe I'm more motivated to get over it at some point

this is my new lyric of the time (now I think so..i should be considered gender-neutral..they are very practical

lol oh fuck I'm tired that's a common goal for people who aren't aging? :blobcatmlem:

oh now we're in the hand" ..i literally had a Razer scooter with light-up wheels and I'll never be that cool again

i should use all the constructs of the wedding industrial complex! petition for Davey to take my gender assignment

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