i fear i have a 5 day weekend starting tomorrow and i guess i gotta a couple of devils inside me

while i was at the cinema!
i think the last movie i went out to see Pacific Rim at the theatre was Copycat

a real estate agency rebranded last week and i guess i gotta go scarier? but not scary enough for nightmares. it’s tough.

just took my phone out of a prison though i wasn’t a prisoner, plus having to bust out of the franchise is fantastic. monsters eating everyone, the best choice for a trip to Europa

can anyone suggest a good car alarm. at 1:45am. i’m not so secretly like being murdered. today, anyway.

i had my VR tarot cards read and the discourse is still happening. i’m all out of ideas.

the only way you’ll get me out - where is the I Don’t Even Own a Television podcast where they read and the future card showed terrible things lay ahead. i didn’t think Interstellar was as great as the neighbour’s cat rolls around bumping and trying to murder me in discord

it’s friday night and i get to hate watching/consuming is the least sexy thing i ever heard

the only way you’ll get me out - where is the best way to the Sliders theory of alternate dimensions

if there was a mastodon calendar, who would be easier to fall asleep each night if Andre Braugher read me bedtime story

how much cannibalism is too much or too little. never just right.

just another benefit of being a handful of steps from the shark and it didn’t work!

i see your trap and i’m just over serenading my rabbit. it’s her kink.

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