I'm a railroad brake operator, not a credit analyst.

Goddammit Jane! I'm an industrial machinery mechanic, not a reporter!

Goshdammit Kirk! I'm a proofreader, not a metal pourer!

Dammit James, I'm a locomotive engineer, not a metal patternmaker.

Look, I'm a stock clerk, not an office machine operator.

What am I, a jeweler or a residential advisor?

Dammit Captain, I'm an etcher, not a bridge and lock tender.

What am I, a safe repairer or a construction inspector?

I'm an orthodontist, not a social science research assistant.

I'm an adult education teacher, not a segmental paver.

What am I, a forest fire prevention specialist or a social science research assistant?

Look, I'm a computer support specialist, not a filling machine operator!

I'm a marketing manager, not a light truck driver!

Goddammit Kirk, I'm a data entry keyer, not a metal-refining furnace tender!

I'm a correctional officer, not a sociologist!

Look, I'm a woodworker, not an environmental engineer.

Look, I'm a petroleum pump system operator, not a shoe worker.

What am I, a conservation science teacher or an urban planner?

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