I'm a funeral service manager, not a repair worker!

Goshdangit Captain. I'm an air conditioning installer, not a hand laborer!

Goshdamm it Spock, I'm a mail superintendent, not an animal control worker!

Dang it Spock! I'm a light truck driver, not a glazier!

Look, I'm a sawing machine operator, not an illustrator.

Damn it Jane. I'm a property manager, not a postal service mail processor.

Goshdangit Jim, I'm a coatroom attendant, not an art director!

Goshdamm it James! I'm a dredge operator, not a physical therapist aide.

Dangit James! I'm a veterinary assistant, not a training and development specialist!

Goddammit Spock, I'm a fabric patternmaker, not a medical laboratory technologist.

I'm a home management advisor, not a tank car loader!

I'm an audio-visual and multimedia collections specialist, not a farmworker!

Damn it Captain! I'm a trimmer, not a photogrammetrist.

Goddang it Captain, I'm a tamping equipment operator, not an audio and video equipment technician!

Dang it James. I'm a truck mechanic, not an insurance claims clerk!

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