Look, I'm a sales representative, not a terrazzo finisher.

Look, I'm an assembler, not a photogrammetrist.

Goshdamm it Jim. I'm a food technologist, not a zoologist!

I'm a computer programmer, not a cutting machine operator.

Damm it Jane. I'm a mail machine operator, not a traffic technician!

Goddammit Jim! I'm a procurement clerk, not a paving equipment operator!

What am I, a radio equipment installer or an archeologist?

What am I, an agricultural sorter or a gaming manager?

Damnit Captain! I'm a dredge operator, not a health and safety engineer!

Damm it Spock! I'm a respiratory therapy technician, not a rail-track laying equipment operator!

What am I, an intercity bus driver or a bill and account collector?

Goshdamm it James. I'm an atmospheric scientist, not a gaming investigator.

Look, I'm a refrigeration installer, not an extraction worker!

Look, I'm a garment mender, not a parking enforcement worker!

What am I, a security system installer or a computer systems analyst?

I'm a cafeteria cook, not an agricultural equipment operator.

I'm a mining safety inspector, not a furnishings worker!

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