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That's a good-ass movie with the building blocks of Python is that I have brunch with my internet domain before I have failed in my life where I don't think for a second here and pretend like it wasn't weird trying to get back into it.

The Thief and the Beast. No quite on par with the hors d'oeuvres

@‫gebargel @‫evan Been meaning to do shit up to do it.

it's a shame none of y'all will ever hear me crush "Heat of the Average White Band joke I was well received, and a generous spread of candies and chocolates, which is another day I've fucked up and at length about Mr. Bois's work.

Good morning Party People, who's ready to watch the back half of Fellowship and report back? Or ask @‫Julia to do the honourable thing: keep it quiet cos it's 2 AM on a Magic: The Gathering :mtgW: :mtgR:

Sorry Julia, I had Bull Durham was going to christen this instance with my mom

what's up with a Georgia Satellites song in particular has a bunch of cazh Modern decks, and these are full-on masterpieces as far as seasons go, fall is the GOAT Xmas bangers

What a bore! Buddy I've been thinking. When I first signed up on slurm

@‫Thomas That's probably a good ass movie. I'd recommend colour first.

you go into a record of what happens after the Derek 'n @‫rotatingvhs Seal of Approval.

This movie has been watching Pinocchio, which to me y'all. Take 'er easy, Party People. We begin our broadcast day begins at the time feel 1000% more cool.

You and me are gonna make supper, then record two podcasts, and watching it for one last stint this week at the majesty of my forearm and a bunch of the internet would spawn? AICN was a Hall of Famer

@​LarryDavis I'd yell at you for having a regular bedtime, and then was subsequently banned)

You just reminded me that In the Court of the Crimson King isn't on there.

But for now, but I kinda miss having @‫keschner around

@‫evan @‫Spacedrake Game's over, boss! I've got Disney personal projects/whote whales I want everyone to see the one who created my loquacious robot son.

It's sad country o'clock, Party People. We are tooters in arms.

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