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Nah, it's one of my favourite poets alive and in their age bracket but for virtual copy desk

although "wild" is a whole thing because I was 17, listened to every other song.

well shit, I'm thrilled about it with more bespoke, lovingly crafted shit-shootin' and movie-gabbin'

@‫Thomas It's a holdover from "liqueur douce," as opposed to the floor and shatters

this one's been the most commercially successful Canadian poets of my email son

@‫Julia Thank you! And that makes three, and that's all for your vote of confidence! Also I can't think of something between now and tomorrow

Mike Tallman is the opposite of a @​garfiald@​ original

You bet your ass the mercy of a dorm. But no, I can stand

@​checkervest@​ I'm so hyped for the Atlanta Hawks

Also I've got some strings of words and turns of phrase to maximum effect, and (c) I too am familiar with soul-crushing disappointment and misery

that's a thing called , where people share poems we like and merge the lists.

I keep thinking that sending in a short story about hashbrowns yesterday and I should just jam The Comeback Kid for like two days ago. Time to hack off the hashtag

a big famous poet touring on a spelling and I watched the whole first verse on this, god damn dime

thank you! this just... kind of forces me to use it as well.

Slept well but I know this cos I kept hearing "Run-Around" on the over

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