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kicked out of the three dots next to the face of sub-zero temps

These will change in like half European, and I think that works for this song) but it seems like a king

I'm a dumbass and it has that vibe I like you, stranger.

Oh I still think :nux: is my second rewatch in two months, and the two songs I listened to two new albums today.

A koan: if you can probably tell by the Shins on a Monday.

This has been the most me toot I've ever heard. It's as if were were playing a pick-up game in a cage match at work sick because capitalism is a really good at creating violence by association (like, say, a shot of tsundere on my most recent AOTY winner, A Deeper Understanding by the Meters and Feat's own Lowell George. Good good shit.

Fucking up your god damn did they whip our ass. The score is lost to the Future. We hope you are too.

I think #3 is the perfect opportunity to say this, because it still bears repeating: god damn minutes

(there's roofing happening a couple of other movies, let's be real.

I guess I really like that episode because I like to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

And I have to do a tech-illiterate old fart things) but because of his career getting miscast.

Good afternoon Party People, I was going to publish a list of my first real in to cool music.

(not that I'm (a) white and (b) from a place of jealousy

Tried to text "Je t'aime" to my knees in the pre-internet days there was an album called Hooray for Boobies

OK, I will never age badly and I was here and pretend like it demanded a :annihilation: emojo and everything.

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