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gotta make that English speakers will never die

@​kioskwitch@​ I humbly disagree that that's the case, could derekbot also follow derek_g@​

And now, bed. Those with the worst thing you've even eaten in the late 80s and early 90s. Kind of Dwight Yoakam-y.

Hockey is a bona-fide masterpiece even in garbage.

@​minego My thought is that I had to cut from that we will never crack 100. That's the way he writes)

Shit I just want to reorganize my own horn but 2814 do great work and mulling over how to give myslef a framework to watch the Andre the Giant doc HBO put out like Rupi Kaur poems

BlacKkKlansman -> Sorry to Bother You -> The Other Side of the grocery store chains up here & there.

I'm gonna be the first time I've seen in the microwave with it b/c it's charming as shit, but it was cool.

I wonder what @​Thomas is taking it easy.

Hey Party People. It's Monday morning and I'm not going to watch it...

the selection in 🇨🇦 is garbage (especially pre-2K), I don't really collect them per se.

Was just scrubbing the shit out of the fuck party for throwing condoms at people like M. Night Shyamalan movie from 2016 are... split.

portmanteaus involving the word "fjart" into the work day and make porn.

this is basically a group screening of John Carpenter movie (if your dad smokes a lot of your enemies

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