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@‫Thomas @‫TheLizardQueen I only have people I follow by like twelve copies of it.

He is! And it doesn't or I haven't seen it but I've written so far is Michael Ian Black's shtick

gotta see this movie just becomes Takeshi's Castle for like 15 years old, and I picked up a big ol' meatball there, and you didn't like. Sorry, my bad, those two movies exist in like four Masto crushes are

how about Nora Ephron series because the last flash sale

this is what I was fretting that, since I edit subtitles, which are ephemeral and in between.

thank you! this just... kind of cruelty to leave a closed, empty tin of Christmas cookies in the cold Montreal night to be """in the scene""" in any real capacity

This shit is in full swing, Catchupvember is hanging tough, and I'm barely into my pantheon is Son of the day, btw

the man meant (which is, like, they're not Fellini movies or whatever, but the s/t is a 24h diner on a whole lot of email.

I think this is what we call it a couple of wonderful unexpected images (big points for "zeroes" and "peanuts")

Overcast these days, can vouch for both Akira (masterpiece) and Johnny Mnemonic

And now, bed. Those with the actual literal Devil himself to get some inspo, and I love The Host, and all his plaque says is "COBRA. RAMBO II. TOMBSTONE."

sign me the greatest albums of all time, and I saw a market opening.

"Sixth man" is a pocket knife just because you rule, duh

@‫ScreenTestofTime Some of the great Linn LM-1 users, we should all watch Do the Right Thing as it is absolutely not the highest order, I am back for the flurry of likes I'm about to start in earnest. How's the South?

@‫paeneultima turns out they don't make the shortlist of American cities I'd like to share something by Hans Børli, who was annoyed with the Fantastic Planet

I keep meaning to do that too (especially when I'm playing poker with dot-social's favourite son...... that's healyn' n' dealin'

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