The only one who appeared happy was the Undertaker. He was holding his trophy. The fans cheered.

My name is Pochahontas. I am a one-tailed fox. I am loved by all. I am feared.

And so, the Unova was left to fend for itself. With no leaders, no wars, and no one to rally around.

Korra's love for one man, from a distance, is as strong as her love for Disney.

Cinema Snob, Dan, Wendy, and Barney had just finished watching The Lion King. It was good, though it wasn't the Lion King they were hoping for. "What the fuck is this shit?"

1. Be a man.

2. Treat your female companions with respect.

3. Don't be a #$%!#$%&ing #$%&ing!

4. Learn how to spell "dick".

5. Be a gentleman and delete this post!

Good thing I have a Hyena on my side, or I'd be screwed.

Doomguy is a big fan of both Calvin and Hobbes' Calvin & Hobbes' style,

This is a very good story. I loved it. I think that you should have the sexy bits removed because they made the story too weird.


And I thought the story was awesome, it was just a matter of how the heck Bowser and Peach sex would work out.

Tails shot forward, the bullet shredding the brickwork in front of him and the roof of the car, before tossing the car into a nearby ditch. Tails dived into the ditch to avoid the pursuing police,

Ecco the Dolphin is the last of the great blue sea

He is the last of the great blue sea

He will die

Because I hate him so much

Because he is so perfect for me

not very muth but i feel like i need to add more text


The story is based on the animated movie "Super Mario: The Thousand-Year Blunt".

I hate it I wish that never happened I feel so bad for him now

Luigi: I can't believe I'm doing this

Peach: It's ridiculous

Mario: I'm gonna call the police

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