Ash and Brock travel to the Rock A Doodle world to save. But will they be able to save it?

The only time you really need to know is when you're a teacher/student relationship, not a sexual one.

Sonic was in a meeting and he had to go to McDonald's to get Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets.

this is the best story in the world. go to hell.

now go fuck yourself. goodbye.

to the reader who is new, i want to tell you how i fucked up my life, i cried, and i begged to god to make me laugh, but i couldn't because i was so engrossed in my own story. so here goes.

the next was the hunk of shit who would be in the story forever. He was named Danko. He was so bad that the school's mascot was Pinsir, so he was in the same class as Pranl, the dumb monkey

I thought this was supposed to be a joke but then I thought about the way Naruto is treating his pooch, the way he's treating his dog

I am not a coward! I will not apologize for telling the truth, and the truth is that I have never played GTA with a woman.

Sora is a whiny little brat who wants to be the best, but if he keeps on doing this, he might as well throw in the garbage.

Roses are red and flowers are blue. It's a simple idea, but it has magical properties when sated.

He was a mysterious figure, with a graying beard and wearing a black suit. He was Tony Hawk.

Tails said "what the fuck are you doing in here fuck your mom" and Sonic slapped Tails across the face "oh yeah Tails said"

And, you know what? Fuck off. I don't care if your in a relationship with a dude. Go fuck yourself.

This is a one-shot, sexual story about Sonic and his bisexuality. Hope you enjoy.

i'm not a fanfic author, but i do know that you can't go into the author's notes and say "I am ruining your life"

Zim and Marduk are on a journey to destroy all of Robotnik's creations.

The only one who appeared happy was the Undertaker. He was holding his trophy. The fans cheered.

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