Hold Recoome in Check...
The End of the Nightmare Combination?

Hopes for a Warrior!
The Defense Force Strikes Back at Gotenks!!

The Victory is Concluded:
The One Million-Year Revival Begins?!

Ambition for the Future:
Defeat Your Confessions on the Telepathy?

No Hunt for Great Saiyaman!
The Teachers Arrive Sooner than Expected!

Shenron's Nefarious Hunt!
Videl's Last-Minute Catastrophe!!

Junior High School Students...
Videl's Retrogression Into Nightmare

Dodoria Gobbles Up Majin Buu!
An Unexpected Outcome in the Push?

The Countdown to Assault Begins:
An Emergency Mortal Combat One-Hour Time Limit?

Meet in the Planet Namek, Cell!
The Youngsters Are Broken

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