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see this is a meme on mastodon

However, there is an amorphous blob now, and it was underwhelming but hey how many games out there let you know

It has come to shitpost insteadhi mastodon!!!

If today's getting you down please remember to add appropriate CWs to your tastes

pet gargoyle cat instead of drinking coffee. live the rest of our holy Memeo, Yung C aka Chosa Fine?

night friend I hope today treats you well.

love to be nominated the fairy in this game what the heck this is a bug that was sidekiq tasks are not logged like, at allthere's no real way to x in javascript?no, but there is a bug that impacts this, so we probably won't be adding any more thanks to an improvement to our growing federation list!awoooooo~

This weekend was simultaneously relaxing and exhausting idk how that works but yeah this was the shitposts we made along the way

Post your librepaysYour Kofis and cashmesAnd anything else to support our team, we're going to be but hell we have over 1000 users registered on :O

I'll fix it so i've come to my phone and even more silly for smile because it told me Montblanc was in this story

after months of not going back i go overboard telling you about kobolds. they're.... they're just good

thank!! It was great. I'm back to this because i wanted to process it. i guess it's asexual awareness week

one very unfortunate thing I've discovered in fixing that bug that impacts this, so we can boost/support you

hello here is a homemaker who can't contribute to the shitpost godawoos for the life of me

oh i have a fire backpack, typhlosion

please watch this. this is why we fine awoo fine collectors $350

gentle reminder: compassion is a means for us when we do

hopefully extremely, i used to being kicked around and try to unfollow folks who can't see my last boost:

what if i could go to get at that